Monday, March 1, 2010

The Plans of Man...

Last night I emailed my director and assistant principal letting them know what my plans were this week for work.  I indicated that today we'd be at the hospital but barring any setbacks I'd work the rest of the week...Oh how things change...

Today Cash spent 8 hours connected to the machine to run the test on his kidneys and about 2 hours into the test our doctor came by and indicated that his hemocrit's have dropped below the safe zone.  Tomorrow at 8:00 Cash has a 4 hour transfusion (the first of many I imagine) and then he'll also have the NG tube installed because they are concerned he's not getting enough nutrition.  The tube will go into his nose and will run down into his stomach.  We'll be able to give him his meds this way and he'll have a backpack/pump that will administer about 4 cans of Pediasure each day.

So that's tomorrow, then on Wednesday he has two PT appointments and then we'll be trained on how to use the pump.  Before connecting the pump or administering meds, we'll have to check if the tube is in the right place by injecting a bit of air into the tube and then using a stethoscope, listen for the bubbles in his stomach.  In addition we have to draw the fluids up the tube to make sure it's in the right place. 

I think Jack Jr. really thinks I'm a doctor now - he's been watching me put on gloves and flush the lines, give Cash a shot, and today we did a dressing change on the Hickman.  Now with the stethoscope I'll complete the 'Doctor' look in his eyes - I liked playing doctor as a kid but this is ridiculous...:-)

The doctors also expect his levels to rise sometime this week and Cash will have one more surgery to install a port in his leg.  They will keep us overnight and the next day he'll be hooked up once again to draw his good stem cells, which will be used later on in the treatment (referred to as 'consolidation').  So it appears we'll be in the hospital every day this week, just in time to recover and start the second round of chemo.

Needless to say, my plans don't mean much but I'm very thankful that Bro. Doug (Zion's Director) for giving me the time I need to help Cash through this.

We had a brief but important visit today from Bishop Drayton and Mother Drayton - Bishop was responsible for the vision behind Zion and a little over two years ago he prayed over Wendi that she would conceive - two weeks later she was pregnant so his prayer today for healing was powerful.  Cash is a miracle baby and we continue to trust that he will be healed.

My prayer tonight is not only for Cash, but for Coleson Brink who is also at Children's on an extended stay due to his levels being low.  Today while we were walking around with Cash we were saddened by all of the other children with cancer receiving treatments - it can be easy to see the hospital as a sad place, but I am preferring to see it as the place where kids go to get better...


  1. Excellent point Jack keep that one with you. It is a place of healing and one of the best in the world. Filled with honest people who don't let you believe; for too long, anything too far from the truth and, are there for you in a way none of us can be. A very special place indeed.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Can I just say, Cash has the two most incredible parents in the world. Jack, you amaze me. Wendi, you inspire me. (And, Wen, I'm kidnapping you during your next long hospital stay for a spa trip to InSpa--my treat). Lots of love to you all, Sarah

  3. Proud to be your brother. Love you

  4. Jack, Wendi, Jack Jr, Cash, & Baby: We join our prayers for complete healing with yours & Bishop & Mrs. Drayton's! We, too, were prayed over seven years ago when we started our journey to discover that the C in Christ is bigger than the c in that evil cancer. We praise God for a place like Children's where He can work through the skills & love of those who care for you! Those of us looking in from the 'outside' on your situation are humbled to see that the God of the mountain is also the God of the valley as He gives you the amazing grace to go through the daily trials. We pray that you continue to hold on to His Hand tightly. He is the One Who had the rescue caravan already on its way long before Joseph was thrown in the pit. He is the One Who orchestrated the precise timing of the Tiffany from Monroe moment. He is the One Who ages ago sprinkled stars in the sky, to inspire a song-writer, who brought out a God-given talent in a tiny child fighting like a man against an un-child-like disease. Keep music close to Cash - it brings the presence of God. Love & prayers from G & M in Denver.

  5. Jack and family...sorry to hear about Cash's latest news! I wish that there was something any one of us could do to aleviate his pain! He doesn't deserve this, but he has the most amazing parents that any child could possibly wish for!! With you guys by his side he will conquer anything!! Keep you spirits elevated and your love around him and he will prevail. Your family is in my prayers...we love you

  6. Jack and Wendi, thank you for taking the time for posting what is happening. This is a terrible storm in life for Cash and for you, but you will make it, Cash will make it, we have faith in that. You are so strong! We admire you. Love, your friends, n & m

  7. May God surround you with strength for each new day - praying for your family.