Friday, March 19, 2010

One More Way to Help

We have been home since Monday and it's been a good week.  Today Cash spent a little time in the beautiful sunshine to absorb some much-needed Vitamin D.  This next Monday Cash has to be put under for an extensive hearing test, called the BEAR Test.  They need to establish a baseline on his hearing because one of the chemo's can affect hearing so they will keep a close eye on that.  In addition, they are trying to determine if the tumor may be affecting his hearing as well.  So for the fourth time he'll have anesthesia, but thankfully this time there's no 'surgery'...phew.

Many have asked if there was a way they could help financially with the medical bills, potential travel expenses, etc.  Jodi, Marti, Stephanie, and Laura have been working hard to set up a way if anyone wants to give.  They created a website called Caring for Cash and it can be found at  I want you to know that God has blessed us tremendously with our medical insurance and to date our expenses have been very minimal.  If anyone wants to give, please know that the monies would only be used for medical expenses relating to this Cash's treatment and  money left over would given to the Seattle Children's Hospital Uninsured Fund and/or other families that have kids with cancer.  We in no way would benefit personally from anyone's generous gifts.

It is our continued prayer that God heals Cash and I am convinced that He (God) will get the glory through this.  We have been tremendously uplifted through this difficult process and I know many times since February 8, He has carried us - we could not do this without our trust and faith in God.

Have a blessed weekend everyone and thank you for your support!

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