Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Prayer Request

This past Sunday at church we were introduced to a family (the Gilfillan's) that is beginning a season much like ours from year and a half ago.  A little over two weeks ago, Rob & Bre Ann (mom & dad) discovered that their 10 month old daughter, Reese, was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma - a brain tumor similar to Cash's (PNET), with the exception being the location.  Medulloblastomas are located just outside of the brain stem in the cerebellum.  Upon discovery, they immediately operated and believe they were able to take all of it out (praise God!).  She has to undergo 6 rounds of chemo to ensure that the cells are completely wiped out.

They moved to Seattle yesterday and will be living at the Ronald McDonald House until treatment is complete.  Reese had her Hickman line put in yesterday and she had her first dosage of chemo today.  Reese has the same doctors as Cash and for Wendi and I and hearing their story obviously brought back a lot of memories.  Memories that were difficult, yet both of us felt incredibly blessed to have been able to spend time with Rob, Bre, Reese, and Jase (4 yr old) at church.

We can speak from experience when we say that they will need your prayers every day - if you live in Seattle and have the ability to bring dinners to the Ronald McDonald House or help in any way please send us an email (jwparriera@gmail.com) and I or Wendi will help coordinate. 

Since hearing their story we haven't stopped praying and I would ask that as much as you prayed and supported Cash, please pray for Reese and the family.  Our heart aches for them and our prayer is that God work a tremendous miracle in Reese's life.  Thank you for your prayers!!!

You can follow Reese's story on their blog - http://prayingforreese.tumblr.com/