Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We Match

Today Cash had a pretty good day - with the NG tube I can put his anti-nausea meds into his stomach, bypassing his gag reflex.  It worked three of the four times I tried - once I put too much in too fast and he threw up.  We're learning that we have to go slow.  Other than that things were good.  I did cut my hair, as I promised, this evening - here's a quick picture Wendi snapped with my iPhone:
I didn't have a shaver so I couldn't get it to the skin but it's close.  Jack Jr. liked the way it feels and I aim to keep it shaved until we're through this process. 

We hope the rest of this week is uneventful and we continue to pray for healing and strength.  Thank you for your support and prayers as always!


  1. Now can you get Jack Jr and Wendi to do it? I'm sure JJ would do it. Oh and Jeff already did it too (well God had a hand in his). I could do it to Saw too. You guys look ulrta cool. Cuz Tam

  2. Looking good Jack! Ryan offered to shave his head bald with Coleson in the beginning but Coleson said that would be "way too embarrassing!" (I was secretly relieved)
    Glad to hear Cash is doing ok and we pray for an uneventful week for you also!
    The Brink's

  3. Such a precious picture!! Good for you Jack, i think thats cool you did that :-)

  4. What a great shot! Praying for you guys, Michele

  5. SUCH a beautiful picture, brings tears to my eyes! Praying for you all!