Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In and Out

At first glance, if you only read the title, you would think we were in and out of the hospital today without incident...Well not quite.  The transfusion went well, in fact, Cash started to brighten up and color came back into his cheeks so we were glad that part went well...it was putting in the NG tube that didn't go as planned.

There are two different ways to get the tube in, one without the 'guide' so-to-speak, and the other with the guide.  They tried to put it in without at first and it just wasn't working - a bloody nose and swollen eye later, they managed to get it in with the guide.  The second time it took only 10-15 seconds which was a relief, but by this time he had anti-nausea meds and benadryl (for the swelling) in his body and was a mess basically until now (he's finally sleeping)...

But, the 'in and out' part of the story has to do with the tube...the way they tried to adhere the line coming out of his nose to his cheeks (and around the ear) wasn't 'foolproof' for a toddler and Cash yanked it out of his nose this afternoon.  I was not interested in putting it back in without a better adhesive so we left it out, basically negating all of the trouble the poor guy had to go through.  We will go back in tomorrow to have it reinserted (this time sans drugs) and receive the training so we can start using it.

I'm truly hoping tomorrow we can be 'in and out' and hope things go a bit better than they did today - Wendi and I had to remind ourselves that tomorrow is a new day and with that we pray comes renewed strength and courage to help Cash fight this disease.  We are all tired and will be sleeping soon so thank you for your continued prayers and support!!!


  1. Those tubes will come out often I am sure. Our 6 week old pulled them out regularly! Stay strong and trust in God's will. We pray for Cash and family every day.

  2. You don't know me, but I met your dad Jack, this past week. He came to visit our farm in Tillamook, Oregon, and I must tell you as I am sure you know he is an awesome guy, we so enjoyed meeting him. He told us of this website and we will pray for Cash and a speedy recovery. We also carry the motto "CANCER SUCKS" my father was diagnosed with A.M.L. a form of leukemia just over a year ago. There are many ups and downs on this journey, but without the support of friends and family and our faith, this journey would be an impossibility. So we will continue to pray for Cash and your family and we will continue and look forward to hearing your updates. Lisa Rider, Tillamook, OR

  3. Hi guys! yet another test of faith! Keep it up, our prayers are with all of you!
    Love, Chris

  4. Wendi...All the procedures that ya'll are going thru, soooo remind me of our "journey" with Taylor. Ports, tubes, surgeries, etc.....YOU are a strong chicky and God doesn't put ANYTHING in our paths that we can't handle :) I know that every step is hard, but it does get easier and Cash will remember the time and energy that you and ur hubby put in to getting him better...Taylor is now 17 and doing AMAZING!!! A lot of the things that I used to do, now he does with ease :)
    Prayers are going out to you all daily!!! Love ya girlie and miss ya TONS!!!!

  5. Hoping that you all will get some good sleep. Thinking of you :) Deanna

  6. You and your family are truly what God's name means and what He is -- LOVE. The love you have for your family and the love shown through your daily blogs are absolutely amazing. A dear friend of mine gave me the acronym "FRMPTH." I have prayed this over my children for many years. "F" - Future; "R" - Reputation; "M" - Money; "P" - Possessions; "T" - Time and "H" - Health. All that they are and do are determined by His hands. We love you so much Jack and pray for you throughout the day -- Thank you for helping me and my children see God at work and for making Him even more real in our lives. RoxAnn, Michael and KathLene

  7. Dear Jack and Wendi,

    You are constantly on my mind. I hope and pray for you and your family. It is only through Him that we are able to get through all trials and tribulations. Words fail me to say more!. Take care and Love to All, Bette V