Monday, March 22, 2010

Back 2 the Hotel

Well today started at 7:15 with check-in for Cash's BEAR Test. All went well and at 11:00 I picked him up from post-op and we checked into the Hemonc clinic bc we were told he needed platelets and blood (levels were low and his ANC's were zero, which means he has no ability to fight infections). Right after he finished the platelet transfusion, he got a high fever (>103) and they immediately started fluids and antibiotics.

They believe he's fighting an infection and it's standard operating procedure to admit him for at least 48 hours. He's doing well right now and we hope his levels bump so he can ward off what is trying to get in. At the moment I'm at the hospital with him and Wendi has Jack's an unexpected visit but fairly common for kids with cancer under this type of chemotherapy.

No laptop this stay so I'm trying to blog on my iPhone...sorry if there are typos. Pray that he recovers quickly and we can go home in a few much for work tomorrow (sorry Zion...:().

Thank you for your support and prayers!

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Location:Children's Hospital


  1. Very impressed with the use of your iphone. What an incredible tool. Praying for a quick recovery for Cash:)

  2. Sorry to hear about this extra hospital stay. :( We're a stone's throw away, so let me know if you need anything, OK? ANYTHING! Love, Sarah