Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Better Day Than Yesterday

What a difference a day makes.  If you read yesterday's post you'd know that we had a tough day with the insertion of the NG tube and the meds that made Cash loopy (that is putting it mildly).  Today my mom and Auntie Geri came to take care of Cash and Jack while Wendi and I went to work. 

When I got home from work, Cash was sleeping in my mom's arms:
Cash had a 3:40 appointment for a blood draw, then a meeting with the oncologists, and a shot of chemo (he receives are particular chemo once a week through the treatment, in addition to the regular chemo schedule).  Our primary oncologist, Dr. Leary, was very encouraging and positive and it confirmed to us once again that we are in the right place.  Her and Wendi even shed a few tears and Dr. Leary once again said they were giving this cancer everything they had.  Cash had a great day and while we might be crazy, it appears the chemo has already started to knock down some of the tumor - he's trying to walk again and his eyes appear to be looking slightly to the left again.

My cousin Sheri ordered us the bracelets like Lance Armstrong's "Livestrong" for friends and family and they were waiting on the doorstep when we returned from the doctor. Here is a picture of the bracelet, the one I'm wearing will remain on my wrist for a long, long time:
We have about 100 of them and we will try and distribute to friends and family so be patient, I know my mom will be taking a bunch with her to Lynden.  Thank you so much Sheri for thinking of us, what an amazing, physical reminder of Cash's fight!!! 

Then when we got home, my dad and 'Uncle John' came over for dinner.  Cash crawled around everything and Jack ran around the house like a mad man.  Here's a video of Jack, Cash, and my dad sword fighting tonight...

We still have a long week ahead of us, tomorrow we have an 8:00 a.m. blood draw and if Cash's platelets are low, he'll have a transfusion.  His ANC's (don't ask me what that stands for, I can't remember) are rising, which means he'll probably have a surgery on Friday to install a port into his leg, and then the next day they'll hook him up to a machine and harvest his good stem cells.

I don't quote Ice Cube much (in fact, probably not ever prior to this), but today was a good day.  We were reminded that God is in control and have been given the strength to keep fighting.  More updates to come and thank you again for your support and prayers!


  1. We love you for keeping us up to date! Thank you! Cash looks so good. I think he's improving too. And of course we need some brackets:) I'll check the dresser drawer tomorrow. Prayin and not ceasing!

  2. So glad to hear you had a better day today, days like yesterday are so discouraging but a new day is always around the corner. I don't think your crazy, the chemo is working!
    Every night Logan (our four year old) prays that "Cash's head will feel better and he will be able to play with his toys again", he obviously doesn't know Cash personally, I think he just likes the name. :)
    We have two empty beds in our room, so we'll save you a space. :)
    We can't wait to watch the clip you post soon of Cash running with his brother!
    Maybe we'll see you around here this weekend.
    Ryan and Sara Brink

  3. Glad to hear today was a somewhat "normal" day. Thoughts and prayers, and we will continue to stay updated as Cash is on his way to remission. The Rocha Clan, Tillamook, Oregon

  4. Hello!
    Me and my whole floor and all of my small groups at school are praying for sweet Cash, I would love some bracelets! I miss your baby boy and I'm so happy to hear some good news! Thanks for keeping us updated! So much prayer for your family and your little boy!
    Megan Waldron

  5. I'm with Megan and her gang, praying for Cash and for all of you, that God would bless you with strength and perspective. Praying that the docs and nurses have wisdom as they manage Cash's care. Shrink, tumor, SHRINK!

  6. I love this blog and pray for your sweet family every day!

  7. Jack,
    I think that quoting Ice Cube in this context works out perfect, I could think of a lot of lines in rap music that would appropriately describe this situation, however, most lines would be inappropriate for this post...I love you bro.

  8. I'm glad to hear your day was better than the one prior. I love the bracelet idea, what a wonderful friend. Thank you for sharing the video, very heartwarming!

  9. We continue to pray for baby Cash and that God will give your family the strength you all need. Thank you for updating your story on this blog - so heartwarming. We have put Cash & your family on our church prayer chain. Love & Prayers from the Goldsmith Family (Heidi's family) in Bellingham

  10. If you're able to send 2 bracelets home with John, we'll wear them proudly. Continuing to stand with you in prayer! Our God wins!

  11. Jack -- we would love a bracelet as well and would love to help pay for more to be made if needed. What a powerful way to encourage others. Love you much and keep up the great fight of faith - you are such an inspiration to me and my children.

  12. Just found you here. Saw a picture on fb of Cash in an infusion chair and the only kind I knew of had nothing to do with spas or aromatherapy so I just caught up on the last few weeks of your life. Thank you for sharing your journey and your heart. So many memories from so long ago with you. Praying for you as you walk this new road.

  13. Jack - thanks so much for keeping us updated. We are praying for Cash and the rest of you everyday, and have passed Cash's incredible story onto others who are also keeping Cash in their prayers. We would love some braclets down here in Texas, Joe, myself, Jerel, Junie and Trinity will wear them everyday. You and your family truly are an inspiration.

    The Allen Varco's