Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home Again

Well after starting out at 7:00 a.m. on Monday morning, hoping for an early day at the hospital, we finally came home at around 6:00 p.m. this evening.  It was approximately the same length of stay as our chemo visits (3 days, 2 nights) but everything is ok.  Cash's cultures didn't reveal an infection and he didn't have a fever the past two days.

They weren't, however, going to let us go home because his ANC's were still at zero and until they reach 200, he needs to be on IV antibiotics, which meant we'd have to stay probably until Saturday or Sunday...Thankfully, we negotiated a deal so-to-speak - if I received IV training and could get the supplies this afternoon, we could go home, which is precisely what happened.

Here's a picture of our new supplies, including a pump which is exactly like the ones they use in the hospital:

Every 8 hours we have to give him antibiotics with the pump, over the course of 30 minutes (until his counts rise above 200).  I didn't care about having the training or extra supplies, we were just ready to get out of there as always.  Here's Cash riding in a wagon with his supplies on the way out of the hospital:

Once we got home he perked up and was crawling around, playing as usual.  We're looking forward and hoping he stays healthy until next chemo (April 2), in the meantime we have many appointments (every 2 days) for the next while to ensure his counts are rising, enough to start chemo.

Glad to be home and thankful for your continued prayers and support!!!


  1. Hey Jack and Wendy...

    Just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you and praying for you today! Thank you SO MUCH for keeping up on this blog, for us non-facebookers!! It is so awesome to read updates and see pictures of your sweet little Cash. Will continue to lift you all up and pray for peace beyond your comprehension in these next weeks.
    We love you all and God Bless!!
    Troy, Terra and Grant :-)

  2. Jack & Wendi,
    Just learned from Brenda about Cash and have been catching up via your blog. Many prayers will be going out for you and your family. I also wanted to pass along a little info about an organization here in LA that I'm involved with that deals specifically with pediatric brain tumors. It's call We Can Pediatric Brain Network and they are family-based resource. If you're interested in looking them up, their website is: They have a great resource page. With loving thoughts from LA, Jen Dornbush

  3. Have some restful good days AT HOME.

  4. Jack & Wendy -
    Wanting you to know that your precious Cash - and his loving family - are in my thoughts and prayers each day. My dear friends have included Cash on their church's prayer chains here in Moses Lake & Warden.

    Much love,
    Kim (Wilma's friend)
    Moses Lake, WA