Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Words and Stickers

Thankfully this week has been uneventful - on Friday we have our meeting to set up the 2nd round of chemo.  We anticipate starting this round on Saturday.  Jack Jr. is heading to his 'Uncle Randy's' for a few days - he loves it over there and we're thankful that they can take him for the weekend.

Tonight I shot a short video of Cash saying a few words and Jack interrupting the shot to show off his smile and stickers...

On another note, a wonderful parent stopped by my office yesterday to share a scripture that was on her heart. I read it many times but didn't fully understand it until it was quiet and I had a moment to reflect. The scripture is from Isaiah 65:24 and it says, "Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear."

I find tremendous comfort in this scripture as it indicates that before I prayed the first prayer after Cash's diagnosis, God already heard and answered. In addition, Bishop Drayton told me this week that after he prayed over Cash when he was finishing his last chemo, he (Bishop) got very sick for the next three days, and believes he took some of the effects of the chemo from Cash. There are amazing things happening in our lives in spite of the difficult situation we have been faced with. I am continuing to thank God for what He is doing and what He will continue to do.

Thank you as always for your support and prayers (and thank you mom for your meatballs we ate for dinner tonight - they were Cash's favorite!).


  1. Love it! Watched it twice. Cash is looking sooo good.
    I teared up when I read about Bishop Drayton. What an amazing man. And what an amazing God we serve!

  2. Love the your the posts. Thank you for allowing us to walk with you on this journey. We are praying for all of you!

  3. This video is precious!!! Both your boys are such good talkers--way better than my kiddos! They have so much love for each other, those brothers. I am proud of Jack Jr. What a good boy he is, and what a loving brother! Hugs to you all! xoxo

  4. Thank you for sharing as you walk through this journey. I will keep praying for Cash, and you and Wendi and Jack Jr. I just came across this in my devotions today and thought of you, "Do not measure your energy levels against the challenges ahead of you. This issue is not your strength but God's, which is limitless" Walk by faith not by sight. 2 Cor. 5:7

    Terra Coppinger

  5. Cash, Wendi, Jack, and Jack jr.
    Our families..."The V-Sisters" (Vander Meulen) are all praying for Cash and your family. Wendi...I was so glad that I talked to you this morning and know that our Heavenly Father will surround you in his arms during this time.
    With love and prayers,
    Cousin Shari

  6. What a great video! Praying for you, Michele

  7. Thank you for sharing these videos... I just had tears from JOY and sadness all in one streaming down my cheek.... Praying for you always~