Sunday, February 28, 2010


This weekend Cash has done quite well - he's only thrown up a few times and while he is not eating as much as he did pre-chemo, he is managing well.  Today he even tried to walk and crawled around the house, getting into trouble with his brother.

Tomorrow we have a lengthy, 8 hour test in which they will test Cash's kidney (called an Iothalamate Test) to see how they filter and clean blood.  We're bringing Jack Jr. and a bunch of Dora DVD's to pass the time as he'll be hooked up to 'the machine'.  On Wednesday Cash has a few physical therapy appointments and I assume we'll be back one or two more times later in the week for blood draws.  As of Friday his levels were dropping but haven't fallen to a point that would require transfusions which we're thankful for...

We did find out that Children's has spaces available for RV's - during Cash's next chemo treatment we are going to either use my brother's motorhome or my father-in-law's trailer.  That way we'll all be 'on-campus' and Jack Jr. can stay with us - it will be good to have him there, Cash lights up when he is around - Jack constantly hugs him and says, "I love you little buddy."  We all love our "little buddy" and continue to pray that this tumor shrinks and stops growing.

On another note, thank you to all who have provided meals for us - it has been a tremendous blessing not to worry about what to cook and the food has all be excellent.  We are continually grateful for your support and prayers!


  1. Jack--Next time you're in a chemo round I'd love to bring you guys a meal. Just give me the option of one day out of two consecutive days (as I work every other day) so that I can bring a meal on a day off. Again, consider having a friend set up a site for you--because then meal delivery and other things can all be coordinated online.

    Checking your blog all the time for updates; sending you the healing mojo that Zoe basked in...

  2. Soo glad to hear you all had a good weekend at home! You are continuely in our thoughts.

  3. Thank you for creating this blog Jack. Our prayers are with your family. Evan (from Jack's class at NQACC) misses his friend and we would love to host Jack for a playdate, really we'd try to help your family in any way we can.

    God Bless your family and baby Cash. We'll keep checking the blog for updates.

  4. The Waldron family continues to lift you all up as you soldier through this cancer battle. We've put Cash on our church's prayer chain and people ask me throughout the day how he's doing. Megan keeps me updated from your texts, Wendi, and with this good blog, we are able to pray specifically. Hang in there and know that you four...five, counting the baby, are being lifted up daily...hourly even.

  5. Jackie, I think the motor home is a great idea...Little Jack will think its "cool" and he will be able to take care of his little buddy. It will also be good for you Wendi, and that little one that you are working on! Maybe you can sneak in some rest whenever. Remember to drink lots of water! (per Chris of course!) Can't tell you how much we are all thinking of you every moment. Your whole family is being held in so much you guys so much....

  6. Just found you via Pioneer Woman and am touched by your family's story. We will pray for all of you, especially little Cash.