Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year (Almost)

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoying the time with you families.  It was a nice change to not have to drive 2 hours for our Christmas parties - the furthest we drove was to my in-laws home which is about 4 miles away...:-)

The weather hasn't been very conducive for playing outside so we've spent much of the past week inside doing whatever we can to keep Cash busy, comfortable, and happy.  I was quite worried earlier this week as it had been over 3 weeks since his bout with croup and we had seen no improvement.  We started him on antibiotics again to prevent pneumonia and this morning we started giving him steroids again to reduce the inflammation in his chest.  He has had coughing bouts that he has a hard time stopping and hopefully the steroids will give him a break.

Today was definitely the best we've seen him in the past 3+ weeks.  He was more alert, played independently today, and talked a bit more.  Our prayer is that he's at the end of this battle with croup and that he improves to the pre-croup Cash.  Mind you, we still know what he's up against and a nurse at Children's commented that it is by the power of prayer that Cash is still with us today - we do believe that and continue to thank God for each day we have.

Here are a few pics of the boys playing can see the great new 'playground' so-to-speak and all of the boys love it and when any other kids come to visit they all have a great time...

Have a blessed and safe New Year and thank you for your support this year - it has definitely been the most difficult year of our lives but God continues to give us what we need to get through each day.  We are thankful for each day and continue to give Him the glory and praise!

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Conversion and Message

For those who haven't been to our new place - we have a wonderful living room with a ton of space for Cash to crawl around...the challenge was that with all hardwood floors and his lack of balance of late, he would slip and fall and inevitably get a bruise or cut lip (it only happened a few times but it was enough for us to take action)...

We noticed that when Cash was in nursery at church he would crawl around and play in and out of the houses, play with blocks, etc.  Wendi went online and purchased some amazing equipment that turned our living room into a safe and fun place to are a few pics.

  (Thank you Aunt Julie for the 'car' - I love it!)

On this Christmas Eve, we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and it is our prayer that you and your families enjoy the time together.  We 're-'learned this year that life is precious and are enjoying our moments.  Have a blessed Christmas and New Year and thank you for your prayers and support this year...we are praying for many more Christmases with Cash and continue to put all of our trust and hope in God that His will be done.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Settling In

I am terribly sorry I haven't blogged since Hawaii. Since we've returned, it's been a time for unpacking from the move, settling in, and getting into a new rhythm. It's great to be back in Lynden - I drove to 'town' for the first time in almost 17 years with Jack Jr. yesterday...:-)

Earlier this week we went to a small, unmarked tree farm and cut down a much bigger tree than we've ever had in the past. We didn't end up with the tree in this pic, at the last minute Jack and I picked a bigger one that took forever to cut down...

We already appreciate the extra help we've received since moving.  Both my parents and Wendi's parents have been amazing since we moved - they frequently stop by and take Jack Jr places, watch the kids so we can continue to unpack, cook, clean, etc...Julie D stops by with food and took Jack on a field trip with her kids last week.  (Jack Jr. really loves it here - today he took his 4-wheeler and drove to Avo's house to watch cartoons (our cable isn't in yet)).

Since returning from Hawaii, Cash hasn't really improved.  His mental facilities are all there and can tell us the names of everything in his books; it's just his physical abilities seem to have declined the past 3 weeks.  We hope it's still the effects of the croup but it's become increasingly difficult to watch him try to crawl and do the things he used to do.  You can see him thinking about what he wants to do, it's just his body won't let him.  Please pray that he regain some of his balance and movement as we continue to move forward.  He has a beautiful smile and if you ask him to show you his teeth, you get the picture below, usually followed by a 'smoochy' face...:-)

It's during the more difficult times watching Cash that we have to trust that much more in God.  We know that He created and knew Cash well before he was born and He has a plan for Cash.  We know Cash will be healed, whether that is here or in Heaven we don't know.  God did not give Cash cancer, but, "...we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Final Update from Hawaii

Well we are leaving tomorrow afternoon...(sigh) - it's been a great week and in spite of some of the difficulties Cash was having, he definitely enjoyed his time with his Avo and Ava, uncles/aunts, and all of his cousins.  Today my parents rented a couple of scooters and we took all of the kids for rides - I even put Cash on a baby carrier-thing and took him for a ride - he really loved it although I cannot imagine it was at all legal to do such a thing...:-)

Yesterday a gentlemen named Glenn Foster stopped by the house to play his ukelele for Cash.  Glenn has played for the past 15 years at the Hilton Luau in Lahaina and is good friends with Bryce and Beebe.  Bryce asked him to come over to play for Cash and we were treated to a wonderful hour of music and storytelling by Glenn.  He has an amazing voice and I think the music instantly calmed Cash as you can see in the video...Thank you so much Glenn for gracing us with your music and stories - it was an experience we will never forget!!!

We would ask for prayers in our travels and as Cash starts chemo again next week that it will continue to keep the tumor at bay (and shrink it if the Lord wills it!!!). Aloha and Mahalo!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Pics from Maui...

Update from Hawaii - I don't know if it's because Cash is so out of his element, but the past few days have been tough.  He's struggled with his balance and fatigue appeared almost constant and it had us quite worried.  Today, however, he seems to have bounced back and had a good day.  He played most of the day and even went in the kayak with me out in the ocean.  He absolutely loves the water and it's been so nice to be able to spend all day outside in and out of the are a bunch of pics from the last few days.  We would continue to ask for your prayers that Cash would be strengthened and that God continue to heal him (if it be His will).  Thank you and aloha once again!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Aloha from Maui

For our facebook friends, you already know we are in paradise, a.k.a. Maui.  We flew in on Wednesday and we've been very busy playing so I've been unable to blog until this's the amazing back story as to how we ended up in Maui...

We were looking for opportunities to enjoy our time with Cash.  A good friend of ours, Sarah Jio, sent an email to a group of her friends inquiring about potential opportunities for us to spend quality time with Cash, outside of home.  A friend of hers responded (who also happened to be one of my teachers' good friends, small world) and indicated she knows of a family with a house in Hawaii that we may be able to stay at...We were given the email address and for about two months have been trying to set a date.  Originally we were going come here in early November, but Cash had his hickman removed and started the low-dose chemo so we needed to stay close to home.

We finally decided early December was going to work perfect, and the family, Bryce & Beebe, offered up their house(es) on the beach in Kehei.  (Their website is - please visit and if anyone wants an amazing house in Hawaii, this is it).  The planning soon involved my parents, brothers, and their families and it was settled - we would all travel to Hawaii!  Everyone has arrived as of this afternoon and it's shaping up to be a wonderful week.  We arrived at the house to beautiful cards written by Bryce & Beebe's grandkids for Cash - it included some of their allowance money so Cash could go and get donuts...:-)

Instead of continuing to hear me blab on and on about how it's going - here are a few pictures and a great video of Cash here in Kihei.  We love the warm weather and the house is right on the beach so we spend all day outside with the kids playing and playing...

First the video (of course Jack Jr is at it again making him laugh)...

Here are a bunch of pics...

(Swimming at Ilua Beach Park)

(Kayaking with Uncle Jeremy)

(Playing with Mimi (Megan))


(Headed back to the house from the beach)

We cannot thank Bryce and Beebe enough for giving us the opportunity to spend time with Cash here in Kihei.  The house is beautiful - perfect really.  The time we have already spent with Cash has been truly amazing and the memories will last long after we've left Hawaii.  Thank you thank you Sarah for putting the request out there and for searching for amazing opportunities for us to spend time with Cash (she also set up Great Wolf Lodge for us)...We are blessed to have great friends and are thankful to God for opening the doors for us to have this time in Hawaii at no cost to our absolute blessing for which there are no words...

There are so many more pictures already but they're on everyone else's cameras so I'll blog more when I have the opportunity.  Until then thank you for your continued prayers - Cash is doing ok - he's fatigued much quicker than usual lately but we're still holding out hope for a miracle and pray that God continue to heal him.  Have a blessed weekend!  Aloha and Mahalo!