Saturday, March 6, 2010

Apheresis - Done

Today was very interesting - Cash's stem cells were drawn from his blood using an apheresis machine.  I can't begin to describe it so I took a picture:

The process only took about 3 hours, however, we had to wait another 3 hours to make sure they had enough good stem cells.  Once we received the good word (they had enough), it was time to remove the port on Cash's leg.  One of the oncologists came in and removed the adhesive and sutures around the port, then he placed a bandage over the soon-to-be-hole in his leg and removed the 8" long tube.  I almost couldn't believe that much tubing was in his leg and for the next 15 minutes he held pressure on the entry to stop the bleeding.  Cash actually fell asleep towards the end of this process and they put another pressure pack on his leg and that was that.

We were waiting to see if they'd let us go home but the surgeons determined because of the challenges he'd had with bleeding, we would have to stay another night.  We made good use of the time though, playing Yahtzee and Mancala with Coleson B.  He's a very strong and bright young man and didn't believe all of my stories for a second.  Here is Cash and Coleson playing Yahtzee:

Wendi's parents spent the entire day doing yardwork at our house (We can't wait to see it!) and then came for dinner.  Mom read Cash stories (he loves books):

Tomorrow we'll head home and we'll have another week of appointments and blood draws, etc., then return next Saturday for the second round of chemo.  It was a difficult week but before Cash went to sleep tonight he recited a bunch of words we're teaching him - he can almost say his ABC's and he's almost got his own name and the most important name down: Jesus.  Thank you Jesus for a successful surgery, stem cell draw, and a great day with new friends today! 

And thank you as always for your continued prayers and support!


  1. It is truely amazing what they can do these days. So Thankful :) Deanna

  2. hi,i am an ooooold freind and classmate of grandma wilma. renee past on lil cash story to all have really touched my heart.your faith warms my heart and lil cash is such a sweetheart. you all are in mythoughs and prayers. i have passed your family on to others so they also pray for all of you.
    God bless and keep you. carol rollema ps. hey to grandma wilma and grandpa jack :)

  3. Wendi,

    I hope you remember me - Diana Dickerson. We were Coleson's roommate last night. We just missed your visit with Coleson by a day. My son Joshua is going through treatment too. His journal is on Caringbridge under Joshuadickerson. I would love to see you and talk with you - my cell number is 206 499 6333. We will probably see you around Children's. Joshua's dr is Dr. Hawkins and we work a lot with Sue Ehling. They are the best. Love and prayers Diana

  4. Wendi- OOps my number is 206 499-3845 Diana

  5. Diana - Of COURSE I remember you! I'm reading Josh's blog right now, and I just left you a voicemail. We will see you soon - hugs & prayers, Wendi