Monday, March 8, 2010

Pics of Hope

Today I actually worked a full day while Wendi and Jodi took care of the kids.  Cash had a short chemo treatment this morning and when I got home from work The Snap Sisters ( took over.  Here are a few pics they took - my job was to make sure they tried to smile although Cash has the 'I-don't-wan't-any-more-medicine' look...
We hope this week will be uneventful and on Friday we have our admit clinic visit - Saturday begins round 2 of chemo.  God has certainly blessed us with handsome little ones!!!


  1. Our family has been praying for sweet little Cash from the moment we found out about his cancer. Our boys say a prayer for precious Cash every night. They pray that God heals him very soon. We know that our Lord is the only miracle worker that can make that happen. We also pray for strength for your family as a whole to get through this emotionally draining time. We are overjoyed to see these most beautiful photos of your two, darling miracle boys! Thank you for sharing your thoughts from the heart with all of us who care so much for baby Cash! We send our love to you guys!
    Reid, Melissa & boys

  2. Dear Parriera Family, We miss you so much at NQACC. Thank you so much for the blog that keeps us all updated on how you all are doing. Our hearts and prayers are with you. Please give Jack Jr a big hug from all his friends in the Blue Bird class. Amazing pictures of the boys, Wendi. You are such a gifted photographer.

  3. Can they get any cuter? You guys are amazing...we appreciate the blog so much you don't even know. You are all in our prayers all the time, not to mention all the others! Keep taking care....remember we are here if you need anything from down south!!

    Love to you all, Auntie Ine

  4. They look absolutely precious! We are holding you in our prayers.

  5. Taking some time to pray for you all this afternoon. These pics are fantastic!!

  6. Tami Shockley told us about your little angel and the hurdle that has come your way...
    We have 3 boys of our own and we just wanted you all to know you are in our thoughts and prayers daily out here in Omaha Nebraska!! May God bless you all.