Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Third Time's A Charm (Hopefully)

Well this time Cash's NG tube lasted one whole day, as opposed to the two hours his first one lasted.  It partially came out when Cash threw up this morning and Wendi actually put it back in (woohoo great job honey!).  But the second time he threw up it was too far out for her to put it back in...So I took him back to Children's this afternoon and they actually put a different tube in - it's a little thicker and is supposed to stay in a bit better so we're hoping the third time's a charm for this tube.

When we got home there was a package waiting that contained stroppe waffles and books for the kids.  Here is Cash already loving his new Dora book and a stroppe waffle (Thanks Alice for the wonderful, homemade stroppe waffles - they are very good!!!):
Thank you as always for your support and prayers and have a blessed rest-of-the-week!!!


  1. What a strong brave boy and Mom. Wendi your tummy is so cute!! Thinking of you all :)

  2. One thing they might not have told you is that the NG tube actually can encourage barfing. The tube keeps the esophageal sphincter from fully closing, which can then promote emesis. After awhile we went to the Gtube and that has been soooo great. No barfing, no pulling out, no tape on the face, no advertisement to the world that something is not quite right.

    Big hugs to you all.


  3. Dear Jack and Wendi,
    Sara told me that she and Coleson had been spending time with you guys and shared a bit of your story. I just want you to know that we are praying for your strength, perserverance, and peace....and for complete healing for your precious little boy.
    Shona (Van Corbach) Ten Pas