Monday, March 15, 2010

Round 2 Complete

We got home today at around 5:00 - Cash needed another transfusion so that was an extra 5 hours added to the day but last time we stayed 3 nights and 4 days, this time it was only 2 nights, 3 days.  The nights were long as the steroids kept him awake for large parts of the night.  That, combined with the diaper changes every 2 hours kept us from 'good' sleep.

They did put the NG tube in this morning and I've already started giving him his medicines through the tube.  We very much hope that we can control the nausea from the chemo with the medicines - last time, the meds (oral) made him throw up so we stopped giving them to him.  He hasn't eaten much the past few days but we expect tomorrow he'll start eating again, although I'm sure he's still getting used to the feeling of a tube in the back of his throat.  I came home with a stethoscope so now Jack Jr. thinks I'm officially a 'Dr.', not just one pretending.

We had tremendous help this weekend with Jeremy & Steph and Wendi's dad at the hospital and Jack Jr. had another great time at Randy & Marti's.  We are so appreciative of everyone who has and continues to help - I know we'll need even more help when the third Parriera boy joins the clan (due date May 5).

Please continue to pray for Cash and all of the other young ones with cancer.  Coleson, Christopher, and Jaimeson are just three of the many whom we've met and are sharing similar struggles together.  I keep reminding Wendi and myself that our God is a good God and He knows each of us and even the hairs on our head our counted.  For Cash that isn't too many at the moment and I'm shaving my head this week but you get the idea.  We continue to put our faith and trust in God through this entire process and He knows our thoughts even before we think them.  I still haven't been able to fully wrap my head around that and probably never will.  I'm thankful we serve such a powerful and almighty God!


  1. Prayers and more prayers for the family. I know sometimes we do not know the 'why' we go through our trials... but having faith and trust in our loving God who knows every hair on our head and loves us so much... makes these kind of journeys easier. I cannot imagine how anyone can go through this without knowing our God and having Him to lean on. May you feel the love from your family, friends and community but more than anything I pray you feel God's loving arms wrapped around you and carrying you when you need it.


  2. We are praying for each of you. The grace of God will see you through this time.
    Children's Hospital is an amazing place with so many stories. You'll make many friends and you'll help each other.
    Romans 12:12
    Take care guys!