Monday, February 15, 2010

A Haircut & Smile

We found a small amount of laughter this past week when before Cash's biopsy, the neurosurgeon told us they would cut a small incision (about an inch long) and shave a small section around the spot - When we saw Cash immediately after surgery he had a 2+ inch long incision and a terrible haircut.  The neurosurgeon told us he wasn't known for his haircuts, which we were thankful he better at surgery than haircuts...Today I gave Cash a more even looking haircut, he looks significantly better:

He has improved each day since the biopsy which we are very thankful for - just waiting for the Wednesday appointments at Children's.  He still has a beautiful smile:

Today I am thankful for a wonderful family and friends - we have many days worth of food in our fridge and the visits from our family and friends has been uplifting!


  1. I loved this post. Cash, you are a cool kid with that haircut your mama gave you! So wonderful to hear that he is improving. Love and prayers, sarah

  2. Hey dad gave that haircut today - first ever haircut I've ever given...I called Wendi to tell her what I had done and she was very nervous, until she saw it...:-)

  3. Jack you may have found your calling. I'm gonna get in line for one of those bad boys!!

    You two have been an inspiration in the face of all of this, your courage and faith are a blessing to all of us. Yes he gets his good looks from the Van Straalen's!! ;-)

  4. We are praying....for Cash, for his medical team and for your family. Can't imagine what an emotional time this is. I'm so thankful that you are witnessing in the midst of this storm. Your faith and strength is such a testimony. "Praise You in this Storm" by Casting Crowns is one of my faves - I'm sure you've heard it before, but it's a good one to hear again and again.
    Hang in there and know that there are thousands of people covering you in prayer!
    Tim & Renae Hanson

  5. tears. I can hear his giggle. Thanks Jack for sharing.

  6. Cash, you already are a miracle baby and I truly believe that the Lord has much more in store for your life. I thank God that you have such amazing parents. I am overwhelmed by the strength they have shown, in just one short week that feels like a lifetime. I will be sure to keep my distance from your 2" scar for fear of getting in trouble by your protective brother Jack, I would not want to upset your bring brother. Take comfort in the fact that Jesus is protecting Cash in the same way that Jack Jr. is, only on a far greater scale.

    And to my brother Jack, thank you so much for putting your very personal journey into words for us all to read. I find myself checking this blog multiple times a day, yearning for new posts. You have the gift of putting such a trial into eloquent words. Cash is so blessed to have such amazing parents. I love you guys more than words can say.

    By the way, Gunnar said the most amazing prayer for Cash tonite at bedtime that brings tears to my eyes even as I write this. There is something so simple and powerful about the simplicity of a childs heart that really makes you think, or not overthink, you know what I mean?

    I love you guys so much, Jack, Wendi, Jack Jr., Cash and mommy's baby in the tummy.

    Jeremy, Steph, Isabella, Gunnar and Lyla.

  7. Jack & Wendi-
    Please know that we are praying for healing for Cash and strength for you as parents. We know God is there hearing every prayer and we pray you will feel His presence during this time.
    Julie (Geleynse) Houck and family

  8. Jackie and Wendi---everyday I look to see if there is anymore with the gorgeous pictures of his new much love and hope and prayers are coming to you from everywhere in the world. You guys are an inspiration that we could all look up to.

    You know we are here in California for anything you could possibly need from us right? xoxoxox

    Auntie Ine

  9. Thanks for sharing your heart. Glad to hear Cash is recovering...what a tough little guy! Praying for peace during this time of waiting.

    "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust."
    Psalm 91:1-2

    Melinda Kaemingk

  10. Dear Jack and Wendy,
    Thinking of you & the boys, and praying for strength and peace, wisdom for the doctors and the Lord's will be done. The Lord is our Rock. Thank you for sharing, the video is great to see.
    Kathi J