Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hope Lives

So we just got home from the series of 'meetings' - here's a short synopsis of the diagnosis, I will blog later but I know so many of you have been waiting (and we very much appreciate the support and prayer!):

Cash has a tumor which is referred to as PNET (or 'Peanut' as everyone is calling it) - it is a fast growing tumor but if you can refer to one tumor as better than the other, PNET is better than Glioma. There are only a handful of kids with this type of tumor in the brain stem, however, PNET is treated aggressively first with chemotherapy (and responds well to chemo), then radiation treatment.

On Friday Cash will have a port installed which will enable them to inject the chemo into his body, then we will start treatments either on Saturday or Monday. He will have chemo treatments for the next 18 weeks, then he'll have radiation (most likely Proton Therapy Treatments, or PBT).

We drove to Children's with hesitant hope, but left hopeful that Cash can beat this. Kids are resilient and our God is good so we are thankful to God and want to give him all of the glory!!!

I will post more but at the moment I am spending great time with our family and wonderful support system - Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray that God works miraculously in this little one's life.


  1. What a blessing to be able to see some light in the darkness!

    Going through our own similar process with Zoe just one year ago, I can tell you: this will be much harder on you and Wendi than on little Cash. Certainly he will experience trauma and pain, but the blessing of kids his age is that they are so in the moment: if it hurts--bad! if it doesn't--let's play!

    So, as this ordeal stretches the two of you further than you ever imagined you could be stretched, remember to do what you and Wendi need to do in order to stay refreshed and resilient enough to usher him (and the rest of your little family) through the long haul. Ask for help, have people bring you food, clean your house, babysit, send you out for some R&R at times--you will so need it all.

    Check out and appoint a good friend/family member to put a page together for you where help can be coordinated and signed up for all on line. Do not try to coordinate this yourself (seriously). It absolutely kept us sane and well fed while living at Seattle Children's for over 3 months.

    Blessings, blessings, and more blessings.


  2. Hey Parriera fam - I'm praying for you guys!!! Thanks for sharing what's going on!

  3. THANK YOU LORD for this news. What a beautiful post to read. So much HOPE here!!! We are rooting for you, dear Cash!! We love you all, and are here for you now and for the long haul. Lots of love, Sarah, Jason, Carson and Russell

  4. Just want to say hi and give more many are loving your family up with prayer! God loves you all so much and he will see you thru this!! Thinking of and praying for you....with love, Lissa Willemsen (a friend of Jodi's)

  5. Keeping you lifted up in our prayers! Our God is an Awesome God and he can move Mountains!!! Love you guys~

    Mikey & Leslie

  6. praying, and Thinking of you. Thank you for keeping us updated. Deanna and family

  7. Jack, Wendi, Jack Jr., and Cash,

    Thanks so much for the update. JoJo and I have been praying for Cash's complete healing, and we'll continue to do so. We're also praying that God cover you all in his love each and every day as you go through the treatments.

  8. I'm so blessed to be a part of your lives. I can't stop thinking and admiring your strength/faith in God. Cash is amazing! The little man makes me laugh... plus he's got the glow. I'm right beside you in this fight and it's so encouraging that we have God to lean on and trust during this time.

    Love you guys so very much! Sister

  9. Jack, Wendi, Jack Jr. and Cash,
    We are all keeping your in our thoughts and prayers right now. What a wonderful gift God's love is and the strength that He can provide us.

  10. Jack, Wendi, Jack and Cash,

    You guys are so very much in our prayers right now... and will continue to be. Praying for complete healing for Cash, and God's peace, strength, and love to carry you all through this!

    Eric, Jamie, Kyla & Bennett