Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 2 of Chemo

The most surreal moment of the past two days occurred when Cash was sleeping and they put the first does of chemo into his body.  We know it will help and it's needed but to be holding him when the 'poison' (as I refer to it) was put into his body it came with very mixed emotions.  First day went well and as they warned us, the nausea and vomiting could follow...that came early this morning when he threw up three times by 8:00.  I chucked to myself though when he quickly followed that up by eating a bowl of cheerios, a yogurt, and a piece of cheese (with earnest) - it has to be the steroids because they make him hungry and crazy at times. 

Getting him to sleep the past few nights has been a chore, since he's hooked up to IV's all day he doesn't get the chance to crawl around as usual and after fighting sleep for a few hours, he just closes his eyes and goes to sleep.  Speaking of sleep, every time he sleeps we have to go to sleep, otherwise we'll run out of juice. 

We did learn today, thanks to Katey, that he can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, almost in tune, aside from the fact he doesn't really know the words, but hey it's still impressive.  Cash is holding up well, considering everything he's going through.  He's not a big fan of watching the Olympics so during times when we're watching it, he's watching his girlfriend Dora the Explorer on my laptop.

Today we were visited by a family from Lynden whose son has a Peanut like Cash's, but in a different place.  We were blessed and encouraged by the visit and the father bought us a gift card to Tully's, the coffee shop of choice at Children's.  Every morning around 6:00 I head down to Tully's and see the other parents who need coffee just as much as we do, last night I woke up every two hours to change Cash's diaper so sleep was difficult to come by.

All that being said, my brother Jeremy reminded me today that after tomorrow, we're one session down and only 5 more to go.  That was a great, positive spin on Cash's treatment and with Katey's prayer during her visit we feel as encouraged as ever.  It's a huge blessing to have such encouraging friends and family during our discovery of the 'new normal'.  Here's a few pictures from the past few days, including Jack Jr's awesome time he's having at his Uncle Jerm the Worm's...Thanks for your continued prayers!!!



  1. Thanks for your updates. The road is going to be long...that is for sure, but each hurdle is a step closer to the finish line. I'm so thankful that you have such a strong (and HUGE) support team. Praise God for how many people love Cash (and you guys!) We are praying for you!
    Tim & Renae

  2. Man, that picture of you and Cash in the hallway I know oh so well--along with that familiar orange necklace!

    Hey--night-shift nurses will change Cash's diapers during the night if you ask them to. They did this for Zoe, as well as shift her position every two hours in the night(because she was way out of it and wasn't turning on her own). It's important that you get sleep during this process and it's really okay to rely on the nurses to take over some of the duties that usually fall to you guys. They know you're stretched--and asking them to change diapers in the night is not a big deal.

    While we were there Jeff discovered an awesome way to blow off steam after hours: find yourself a razor scooter (they have some in the playroom on the 2nd floor) and zip around the hospital on those smooth floors at night after 8pm. Nobody who sees you at that time will care--and it's SUPER FUN! Especially if you go out to the Whale entrance area using the 5th floor corridor. Also, the 3rd floor hallway directly to the right as you exit the SCCA unit is pretty fun too.

  3. ZenMama you have been very helpful and we have already taken your advice to put nurses on the favorites list and I didn't realize until 4:00 the other morning that the nurse would change diapers - last night we slept a good 6 hours while they took care of the vitals and diaper changes...I am definitely going to borrow a razor scooter, that sounds like fun! Thanks for everything!

  4. Jack and Wendi, just wanted to let you know that we are all praying for you guys, especially Cash! You guys are doing a great job, the boys look so happy! Keep up what you two do best, being superb parents! Wendi keep drinking your water! (just a side note from your friendly labor nurse) Let us know if there is anything that we can do.

    with love, Chris

  5. Poor little bubba. It's hard to see your kids throw up and i know thats the least of your worries. But its good to see him have an appetite! I have a whole bunch of Dora dvd's, I can drop them off if you want them? Let Scott or I know. Hang in there guys, this too shall pass.

  6. Jackie & Wendi...just know that everyone is praying for all of you. Part of me just wants to jump on a plane and tell you...go home and sleep and I will take care while you are gone! Just wish we could do something for you. You have so many family and friends out there, I'm sure they are all feeling as I do. I have to agree with are superb parents! Wendi, listen to Chris!! Love you all very much....Auntie Ine

  7. hi dad-
    i found my website and i love it!

  8. Wendi and Jack,
    We just saw your email to us today and I just want you guys to know since we are fairly close by, you tell us what you need: feed Paco, get your mail, go to the store for you, be your taxi, meet you at the hospital--you just tell us. Cash has a lot of powerful support behind him, from his strong parents to all the love around him. Your friends, Nora and Mark

  9. So glad some of my comments have been helpful--it's good to know that anything can help in the face of something so out of all of our hands.

    Just thought of another thing you might like--an awesome walk, right outside of Children's that will restore your soul.

    The Urban Horticulture center is not too far away, and it has a nature trail loop beyond it that goes out to the water.

    Leave the hospital grounds by way of the exit on the other (south) side of the playground below the SCCA unit, cross over that busy street (NE 45th st) and continue south on either 42nd or 43rd ave NE. Turn right on NE 41st street and walk until you get to the Urban horticultural center. Be sure to look up as you pass the tall trees on the large Talaris property to your right on 41st--because there is an eagle eyrie there and I've seen a pair of them swoop in many times.

    The nature loop trail past the horticultural center will take you by--if you're lucky-- turtles, all sorts of ducks, herons, swans, a hawk or two, the aforementioned eagles, as well as other fauna and flora. That walk for me was the perfect time for prayer in action and deep contemplation.

    Glad you got a Tully's card--man, that was a lifesaver for me!

  10. We who work with Wendi are extending energy and prayers to Cash and all of you.

    May I respectfully make a suggestion regarding chemotherapy and how you chose to refer to it? Might it be more useful to see chemotherapy as the light of God flowing through your child's veins? Perhaps it is an elixir created by physicians who were inspired by the mind of God to provide Cash a way of reminding this errant cell of its original helpful and healthful purpose.

    Much love to you.