Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Not A Race...

Even though Cash hasn't started chemo yet (tomorrow morning), we realized today that this is not a race and we have to pace ourselves...The day started at 6:30 when we got to Children's and started the process of getting Cash into surgery for the Hickman port. At 7:30 I was in the operating room and they put him to sleep and we started to wait for the pager. However, at 8:30 just as we were paged, Jack Jr swung the Wii Remote too hard playing baseball and lost his balance, falling on a round table of all things...

We heard the cry from the room where we were waiting for the doctor and I come around the corner and my brother is carrying him, blood dripping down the side of his head. We rush him to the emergency room and the same lady who checked us in last Monday admitted Jack and we spent the next few hours getting the laceration near his eyebrow 'glued'. He was great until they tried to put the glue on and he absolutely panicked, however we got it glued and afterwards as he was eating a popsicle, he said to his mom, "I did great at the doctor's today!" :-) He's fine but here's a pic of the cut...

Back to the story...Cash was in the recovery room for many hours as they were concerned the port was bleeding a bit, however, we finally saw him around 1:30 and he's doing great.  The port looks good and there's no more bleeding.

Tomorrow begins the chemo and while we're excited to begin treatment, this is definitely a long process and I am praying for patience and longsuffering at the moment.  We are still hopeful Cash can beat this and tonight I taught him how to give me 'knuckles' - he giggles and that will my special way to tell him he's got to be strong.

Cash and Wendi are both sleeping and were were thankful for the visits today - as he starts chemo though I will become very protective of who sees him because he cannot get sick - so if you have a cold or anything don't be offended if I stop you at the door if you come to visit...:-)

We are continually thankful for the emails, blog posts, and visits and know that we may be calling on many of you throughout this journey to help us out - God is definitely carrying us through this time and I truly understand the Footprints poem now...have a blessed weekend!


  1. Glad to hear Wendi is sleeping. She will need her rest. We care so much for you guys and will respect the "NO SICKIES RULE" It makes allot of sense. It is important that you guys stay well. Can someone with whiplash visit? :) see you soon.

  2. Jason told me about Jack Jr.'s owie--poor guy!! What an eventful day for you all. I will give Wendi a call tomorrow. Love you all, Sarah

  3. Jack and Wendi
    I just want you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. My kids ask for updates daily and we think of you often. I know I cannot be there, but please know that I am always thinking of you and praying for Cash. I know my parents cannot say enough good things about proton therapy and the success my dad has had from it. I love you all.
    Marcie Howard and family

  4. Hi guys...Hope today went well. Do you need any help with the pup? Ed and I can take him if you need us will give Dubs and Guinn a chance to visit...

    Prayers are going up!