Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good To Be Home

We made it home from Children's yesterday afternoon.  I passed all of my 'training' and this morning was my first real attempt (without nurses) at changing Cash's Hickman caps, flushing the lines, and giving him a shot.  He wasn't too keen on the shot and he's definitely on to us...we have to crush the meds he needs and mask them in various foods but no matter what I try, he turns his head and says "No!"  Today my mom and Auntie Geri came down to help us for a few days and with Wendi's help they managed to get his meds down so that was great.

I realize now why the doctors and nurses don't tell you what we were in store for at the beginning...slowly over the past two weeks we've learned about all of the things we have to do outside of the hospital.  Honestly I don't think we would have been in the space to even receive all of the information but now after one round of chemo we're understanding what will need to take place.  In between chemo treatments we have many visits to the hospital for labs, visits, tests, etc.  This morning it took nearly an hour to do the work mentioned above (cap change, line flush, etc.)  Our prayer is that his levels rebound quickly and he's stays healthy which will keep us out of the hospital for any added days.

Both my work and Wendi's have been incredible - Wendi's co-workers donated over 150 hours of time to her to take off during all of our visits to the hospital and Zion has been very generous with my time off.  Today at work at the end of a meeting my director stopped and for the next 5 minutes we simply took time to say Thank You to God for everything He's done, everything He continues to do, and everything He will do.  I have been too busy petitioning God that it was great to stop and thank Him.

Cash has been much better since we've gotten home.  He still throws up occasionally but with Jack Jr. running around swinging his swords and our dog, Paco, Cash is much more engaged that staring at Wendi and I in the hospital.  Our blessings have been many and today Jeremy bought us another small freezer to store the amazing food people have been giving us.  It's very nice to not worry about dinner after recovering from 5 days in the hospital.

The support we've received in these few short weeks has been nothing short of incredible.  Tonight my prayer will be one of thankgiving!


  1. Your spirit amazes me. I am encouraged by your strength and resolve! You are in an inspiration to everyone around you and we could all probably stand to learn from you.

    I love the blog. Thanks for posting it and keeping us all up to date on Baby Cash. We will continue to pray, pray, and pray some more.

    Sending much love!

  2. You are thought of often! Our prayers go out to you during this time of coming home to all the work you have ahead of you. Our family will continue to look foward to reading the progress with such a wonderful BLOG! Love
    the Neevel's Ty, Janell and Rainy

  3. You both are a inspiration to me,and your positiveness will carry you far. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are in our Thoughts daily. Deanna

  4. We are glad you are home and that Auntie Geri and Auntie Wilma are there too. I'm so thankful for our amazing family and how everyone is pitching in. Once again thank you for sharing it all on your blog. We are praying for you all everyday as much as possible. We love that little guy~

  5. Brother Jack my prayers go out to you and your family. Taejah and I will continue to pray for Cash each night. ~God Bless you all~

  6. I am so glad to know you have help and that your Mom and Auntie are there. The picture of Wendi and Cash makes me weep everytime I see it. I can't believe what a beautiful picture that is and what hope springs up in me as I see it. Truely, it makes me not just pray for healing, but I BELIEVE it in that picture. Thank you for taking it and sharing faith is made stronger every time I see it. Ruth