Friday, February 26, 2010

"Tiffany From Monroe..."

I was driving to work on Wednesday listening to KRJ a.m. and Mitch was talking with Jackie and Bender from Kiss 106.1 about their telethon to raise money for Children's Hospital for the uninsured children's fund...After the interview I switched over to 106.1 and they were reading names of people who were giving money through the telethon to Children's and I heard Bender say, "...and Tiffany from Monroe just gave $ in the honor of Cash, who is currently a patient at Children's."  I figured there weren't many 'Cash's' at Children's and I only know a few families in Monroe so I called my cousin when I was driving home and sure enough, Tiffany is her sister-in-law.  My investigative skills are amazing...:-)  I also had a good friend hear the same thing on the radio and as I and found out the next day, one of my teachers also gave during the telethon.  'Cancer', consider your awareness raised!

I have been overwhelmed with the support we've received and at the same time have been changed forever about how I feel about cancer and those who are impacted.  We are ordering buttons and I'm going to get a t-shirt that says, "Cancer Sucks" - because it really does and I feel that more than I ever did before.

Today I took Cash in for two appointments at Children's, one to draw blood to check his levels and the other was to meet with our excellent nurse practitioner to talk about any recent challenges we've had...we're still struggling to get Cash to take his meds and will most likely be looking at having a nutritional tube put in.  While I'm not excited about another 'tube', this will ensure he's getting the nutrition he needs and we can put the meds in the tube as well, bypassing his gag reflex - the meds must that taste like soap and motor oil to warrant such a reflex...Zion's Assistant Principal talks about castor oil from back in the day, I wonder if it's from the same company...

I'm still very positive and will continue to fight - Cash has decided the crib is no longer a place for him and has taken residence with me on the couch the past few nights.  He'll wake up many times just to reach over and see if I'm still there, then drift back to sleep.  As he drifts back to sleep I quietly pray for him once again.


  1. Jack the topic is always a tug on my heart strings but you are a gifted writer. In the future I would read short stories by you, I know that seems unlikely given my affinity for reading but your good.
    Sorry I couldn't be there today buy know that you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Jack, I didn't intend for you to hear of our donation, but maybe it was God's way of letting you know that there are more people praying for you than you are even aware of...every day my kids ask how Cash is doing, even though they've never met him. We will continue to pray through his recovery and look forward to meeting him in person to see the wonderful spirit we keep hearing so much about. Your faith is an inspiration and I know that God is listening...

  3. I know you're dreading one more tube, but the nutritional tube will help to alleviate some of your stress. They will likely start with an NG tube that goes through the nose. If the topic ever comes up of Cash needing a G tube (one that goes through the wall of the abdomen directly to the stomach), feel free to ask us about Zoe's. She transitioned from an NG tube to a G tube a few months ago and it's been just great. But--it may never come to that for Cash.

  4. I believe the Lord takes great joy in orchestrating the smallest of details to bring encouragement and comfort with knowing He is always there, one step (or more!) ahead of us. Give the boys hugs and kisses for us~steph, jeremy and kids

  5. You don't know me, but I have heard of Cash through our mutual friends the Waldrons. I teared up at the picture of Cash laying with you on the couch, repeatedly reaching up to touch you, to be sure of your presence with him. As hard as this must be, I am so glad you are able to provide him with that kind of security and comfort. Know, and find peace, that the Perfect Father is just as close to you as that. He sees, he hears, he knows. Praying for you, your son, and his mother.

  6. Oh, your description of Cash waking up to check if you are there is precious. You are his rock and your Heavenly Father is yours....He will always be there.

    We continue to lift you up in prayer during this journey. Thanks for sharing these small blessings.

  7. Still praying for your family every day. God hasn't changed--He still does miracles EVERY DAY.

  8. Jack & Wendi and precious family,
    You have our constant love and prayer support! We love you all so much...praying, praying, praying!!! Leanne and guys