Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pics of the Bic

So I finally managed to not just cut my hair short, but have it professionally shaved by a barber.  Many thanks to Stalin at Paul Gray's Barber Lounge for not cutting me with the straight razor...:-)  Cash still has hair and it even looks like it's growing, but as of today, mine is shorter than his.  'We are tweens' as Jack Jr.'s favorite book character, Skippy Jon Jones says...

Thanks for your prayers and support - we are blessed!


  1. those are the sweetest pictures ever. I especially love the middle one !

  2. Look at you two handsome dudes! On the Parriera men, bald looks stylin'! Good to see your smiles in the photos. You are doing an amazing job keeping your spirits up, as they should be. There is so much hope. Hugs! xo

  3. Cash's smile warms my heart!

  4. Jack and Wendi--How my heart just goes out to you. Cash is just so beautiful!! And even more precious in the sight of Jesus. Your faith is just incredeble. Every truth you have been taught in your past is coming to the surface. I KNOW God will keep showing up for you all in miraculous ways. Hope to see you sometime meanwhile know I'm praying. Luv Marcia Wilcox

  5. Happy Easter! Hope it was filled with blessings. Thanks for all of your posts. Great to see all your smiles as you go along! Cash is in our prayers as he goes through this next round of chemo and every day.
    Karl, Jennifer, Autumn & Georgia

  6. Tears stream down my face as I view the picture of Jack hugging Cash so tightly as to hold onto this moment forever no matter what happens down the road. I can only imagine what is going on in Jack's thoughts at this moment...trying to capture the feel of Cash's cheek memorizing that infant smell to log in his mind forever. And for moment the world disappears and so does the tumor. For this one precious moment God the Father gives us this picture. This picture of a loving Father holding unto us for dear life even though we are weak, weary, and broken. This is a picture, the picture of love...

    Our prayers and tears are with you.

    ~a friend from 1st CRC Lynden