Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Everybody Loves Cash and We're In the Right Place

I realize the title of the blog sounds like tv episodes but read on...

Today we had our first appointment with Cash's oncologist and he had a ct scan at the proton center. The poor guy wasn't able to eat b/c of anesthesia and didn't take his first bite of food until 5 pm, nearly 24 hours after he last ate...but he did very well all day considering and even though he was crabby, the nurses and doctors love him. He'd cry a bit and then pop out and start talking, saying 'bye' when they would leave.

The meeting with the oncologist was very promising - the Dr has been laser focused on pediatric brain tumors for over 30 years and referred to his ideas sometimes as 'radical', which is what we need. We also received Cash's 6-week radiation schedule which I was nervous about because if he was scheduled every day at 12, for example, he wouldn't be able eat or drink anything each day until 1 or so. Thankfully all of his appointments are before 8:30 so basically each day we will wake up and go straight to treatment and be done by 9:30/10:00.

Tomorrow's an MRI at 10 and afterwards we're touring the Houston Texans stadium (thanks Carol N you are awesome). Unfortunately Jeremy leaves early Thursday morning, we are going to miss him, he's been great with Cash and has taken excellent care of us this week. I'm thankful there will be family and friends here almost the entire time I'm here, it helps tremendously.

I know after our meetings today that we are definitely in the right place for this stage of treatment - MD Anderson does cancer and there are many many people working together to ensure Cash gets the absolute best treatment. Thank God for opening the doors for us to be here and thank you for your support and prayers!


  1. Praying hard for your family!! I can't imagine how hard it must be for you and Wendi to be apart right now! I am so thankful that God has opened up the doors there! Hope these days go by quickly until you are all together again!

  2. Jack, sounds like everything is going the way it is suppossed to. I know it's hard but hang in there and keep up your incredible faith!

  3. Jack, I know it must be difficult but it sounds like everything is going how it should. Hang in there and keep up your incredible faith!