Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MRI Done and a Treat

Today Cash's MRI was scheduled at 10:00 and we arrived at MD at 9:15 for the check-in. Cash again would be sedated so he didn't have anything to eat or drink when he woke up - we were expecting to be done by 11:00, however, the MRI didn't start until 12:00. I'm continually amazed at how tough and resilient Cash is - he didn't fuss or cry even though I knew he was hungry...

The MRI went well and Cash woke up and ate his standard post-anesthesia fare of 10 ounces of milk, McDonalds fries and chicken nuggets. I think this will become quite a routine as we go through this process.

We left and went to visit our new friend Carol - she works for the Houston Texans and invited us there for a tour. We got the MVP treatment and walked through the entire complex (Reliant Stadium), visiting the war room, draft room, locker room, media room, field, and everything else there was to see. She introduced us to nearly everyone we walked past, including coaches, players, and many of the people who work in the administrative offices. Cash did very well and received many gifts from the folks we met.

Right before we left for Houston, our good friend Corey (Hage Creative) took pictures of Cash. You can see from the second picture in his face that he is a fighter...:-)

Wendi told me that she's starting to have contractions so the time is nearing - when she was pregnant with Cash she had contractions for nearly a week so we'll see how long it takes.  I'm so thankful there is a wonderful support team for her in Seattle.  My support system here, Jeremy, must have seen how much help I need, he extended his stay in Houston until Sunday.  For that I am extremely thankful - he's great with Cash and cleans the house after we go to sleep, carries all of our stuff to the hospital, and everything else you can think of...

I'll post pics of the Texans visit as soon as I can find the digital camera's around here somewhere.  Until then thank you for your prayers and continued support!


  1. Uncle Jack~Isabella wanted me to tell you that although she misses Daddy, she did not want you and Cash to be lonely in Texas, and wants him to stay with you until Avo and Ava get there :).
    Sending you lots of hugs, kisses, and prayers.

  2. Hi Jack ~ We're never met, but I wanted to let you know I've been following your blog since Day 1. Renae Hanson told me about Cash's story, and every night, I look for updates on your blog. I've been crying with you, smiling and laughing with you, and praying for Cash and your family every step of the way. May God continue to give you all the srength you need as Cash's dad...I am beyond inspired by your words! God is already getting the glory every day of your journey! Blessings to your family and your beautiful little Cash!

  3. Love the pictures and love your family. Thank you Jack so much for always finding the time to share your story -- truly keeps me and my kids praying, being grateful and believing in what a might God we serve!!! Praying and believe Wendi will have a swift pregnancy. Kim Hardy had her little girl last night 4/28 -- I am once again a grandmother -- will be great to see both of the kids grow up.