Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Brief Meeting

Today I had the opportunity to briefly meet with Dr. Ben Carson. There were hundreds of people at the event and many more standing in the back. He looked through the paperwork I brought on Cash and I showed him about 12 scans that I copied from the MRI DVD. He acknowledged how rare the PNET is in the brain stem but did say that sometimes the chemotherapy can shrink the tumor enough to make it operable. At that moment he was being summoned to speak so I asked him, "What do I do if that happens?" and he replied, "Call me." You can be certain I will if that were to happen...

He did, however, affirm the track we're on (chemotherapy and radiation) and so we will just continue to fight and I am thankful I had an opportunity to meet him and talk with him, however brief it was. Cash has a blood draw and we're meeting with Dr. Leary tomorrow so we I'll start talking about proton therapy in either Houston or Boston.

Cash is definitely sicker now after this round of chemo than he was the prior two sessions.  We're struggling to keep any food in him and he's more tired.  Hopefully the nausea only lasts a few more days and his weight stays up.

On another note, there are many wonderful family and friends putting on a benefit evening for Cash. We are so thankful that so many have a desire to help and are overwhelmed with people's generosity. Here is a flyer for the event if any are interested:
 I realize more than ever that the title of the blog, A Cash of Hope, is very appropriate - we are drawing heavily on the 'Cache' right now and continue to pray we stay Hopeful throughout this journey.  God is in control and while I write it and say it frequently, I know that is fact.

Thank you as always for your support and prayer!


  1. Brandon, myself & Bernie & Starla Mulder already bought tickets...it sounds like so much fun...see u there & may God bless your whole family throughout this journey.
    Brandon & Kari Mulder

  2. How wonderful to hear about the benefit for Cash!! You have such dear friends and fam in Lynden. That is so amazing. And, wow about the meeting with Dr. Carson, even if it was brief! Praying that the treatment can get that tumor shrunk and he can operate. Hugs to you all and lots of love from our house to yours right now. xoxo