Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Better Day Than Yesterday Part 2

The Tumor Board met today to discuss Cash's latest MRI so we met with our oncologist, Dr. Leary, after their meeting.  After Monday's meeting we weren't very excited to hear the news but we went with an open mind, trusting that our plans to MD Anderson for radiation would be in alignment with the Tumor Board's recommendation...

Thankfully, the meeting contained better news than Monday's meeting - They actually believe that the increase in tumor size may be attributed to some of the bad cells dying off, creating a sort of scar tissue, causing the tumor to be enlarged.  It may not necessarily mean the tumor is actually growing, which we're choosing to believe at the moment.

Dr. Leary also agreed that radiation therapy is needed and after radiation we would continue the last 3 cycles of chemo (referred to as 'consolidation' - giving the good stem cells collected back).  She actually spoke to the radiation oncologist at MD Anderson and they were busy making plans to see Cash as early as next week!

I'm waiting to hear back from MD Anderson on the date they want to meet with Cash and I so right now I'm busy making tentative plans (flight, place to stay, etc.) to fly down on Saturday or Sunday.  My brother, Jeremy, is going to fly down there with us as many of you know, Wendi will be unable to go at the moment (she's 38 weeks pregnant!).

I never in a million years thought I wouldn't be here for the birth of one of our children but we both know right now I have to take care of Cash and she has to take care of this new little guy coming soon.  God is continuing to give us strength and I'm confident all will work out - a few weeks after the baby is born, Wendi will fly down with Jack Jr and the new addition and stay with us for the duration of treatment.

The emotions of this week can only be described as 'roller-coaster-like' - Sadness engulfed us Monday yet after today's news we're eager to keep fighting.  All the while, Cash is doing great - learning new words, laughing, and getting into trouble with Jack Jr.  One day at a time becomes a continually spoken term and we continue to trust and pray that God's will be done.

Thank you for your support and prayers and a big thanks to the 'fundraising committee' - the event on May 21 will be amazing - I'm just sorry we won't be there in person...


  1. Wonderful news!! Hooray for that beautiful, wonderful scar tissue!! Cash is kicking that tumor's butt! Praying that Houston brings recovery and a cure for that dear little boy. Lots of love, Sarah + Jason

  2. What a blessing! What a relief!
    Jack, we have friends in Houston. Would you mind if I got in touch with them and tell them you are coming? What could they do to help you? I know you would like them. We've known Annemarie since she was a little girl--she is married to Michio and they have been missionaries in Equador for years and are now in Houston for three years where Michio is directing a band and teaching music and Annemarie is also a teacher. They have 2 little girls. I know it would make us all feel better if you would have someone there for company and help when you need it. I'm sure that they and everyone in their church would do whatever they could to help you.
    We love you all so much and our thoughts and prayers are constantly with you.

  3. Still praying for a miracle - my God can do that!! Praying for Wendi and the baby to come. Praying for health, stamina, peace - my God can do that too!