Friday, July 30, 2010


After Cash received platelets this past Sunday, we went in for more CBC's on Wednesday.  At that time they expected him to need more by yesterday so Wendi took him back in but they went up - so only one transfusion this week which was great.

He also completed his last antibiotic treatment on Thursday morning - it was a long 10 days, infusing antibiotics every 8 hours.  Schedules has to be adjusted to work around the infusion times but Cash is so used to being hooked up he didn't even seem to mind.

What he does mind though, is being indoors...Cash loves being outside and is terribly bored with anything indoors.  Yesterday morning he woke up at 4:10 a.m. and the first thing he said to me was, "Side!" (translated "outside").  I kindly told him it was way too early to go outside, in fact, it was too early for us to even be awake.  I then told him mom, Jack Jr, Kingston, and Paco are all still sleeping and we should be sleeping to, but he didn't buy it...

So Wendi spends a lot of time "side" with the kids - my cousin Hana was here this week from Monday through Thursday and they did crafts, went to the park, and played outside all day.  I would come home from work with paintings for me and a whole lot of paint on the kids...:-)  Hana was a tremendous blessing to us this week - she played with the kids, read to them, and helped out wherever she could (Thanks Hana!).  Yesterday they went to Carkeek park and Wendi texted me this wonderful picture:

We still continue to take it one day at a time because that is all we can do - we celebrate each day God gives us Cash and go to sleep with thankful hearts for the time we have.  Thank you for your continued prayers and please keep our little friend, Christopher and his family in your prayers - they need your prayers now more than ever...


  1. I am so thankful that things are going well for Cash and his treatments! You and your sweet family are in my daily thoughts and prayers. Life is good and God is GREAT!


  2. That's AWESOME...he is such a blessing & what a cutie!! Prayers!!
    Brandon & Kari Mulder