Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 3 Does It

Things settled down nicely after we left the hospital on Wednesday.  Cash was able to resume his play with his brothers and the weather has definitely helped out - we spend a large portion of the day in the backyard, and today we wrapped Cash's hickman up so he could play on the slip and slide.  Jack Jr. and I had a few water gun battles and Cash thought that was all pretty funny, even though he was the recipient of a few stray squirts of water.

Wendi took Cash to an appointment on Friday to check his blood levels - at that point we could tell he was going to need platelets, however, they were still good Friday.  They then asked us to return Saturday and his levels were still ok, but dropping fast, so they had us return this morning.  His platelets went from 50 on Friday to 32 on Saturday, to 17 this morning (30 is the cutoff).  You can definitely tell when they are getting low - his color disappears and he is very fatigued.  At 12:00 today he received an infusion and we were back in the backyard by 1:30.  They definitely helped - he was the best he's been in a few days and even though every 8 hours he still receives antibiotics, his demeanor is still great.  We are still amazed at his strength - I said it many times but I don't think I would be as chipper and energetic if I were going through all of this.

My wife continues to amaze me - between taking care of Kingston (9 weeks old tomorrow), Cash, and Jack Jr, she still finds time to take incredible photographs of Cash and the boys.  Here is a small sample of pictures she took at the cabin last weekend.  She captures Cash's expressions and persona perfectly.  She even finds time to shoot weddings as she did on Friday - for more of her incredible photography skills please check out  I am very blessed to be married to such an amazing woman and don't know what I would do without her...

We smooch his often so when we ask him "Smooch?" he pulls the face above...:-)

Cash is out of the 'chemo-sick' phase as I refer to it and is starting to eat well again - tonight he ate two pieces of corn on the cob - his taste buds must be a wreck and we are constantly searching for new foods he may like, but his trusty mainstays continue: pancakes, sausage, corn, and milk of course.

Thank you for your continued prayers - two weeks until the next round - we continue to steadfastly pray that the tumor(s) are shrinking or ceasing to grow...


  1. Amen on your prayer request -- shrunk and removed. Love you guys much.

  2. He is soo cute! And yes, your wife is an amazing photographer, mom and wife! Praying for you guys, Michele