Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Almost Outta Here

Well we're nearing the two+ day minimum stay at Children's.  Cash's fever thankfully peaked on Monday night and didn't return after Tuesday mid-morning.  He's 100% better than he was on Monday - very active, laughing, and returning to his normal self which we're very thankful for. 

Juggling work, kids, and hospital has been quite an adventure for Wendi and I this week.  On Monday night, Marti H and Tami N spent the night with Jack & Kingston.  Then Jack went with Marti Tuesday, Tami took care of Kingston, and Wendi ran back and forth from home to the hospital.  Bob, my parents, and Jeremy all came down yesterday and helped take shifts so I could work and Wendi could keep running back and forth - today Julie H came down and took care of Kingston (I hope I didn't forget anybody) spite of all of the running around, we're very thankful for the help and extremely thankful Cash recovered so quickly...

The doctor's haven't been able to find an infection, however, we will be administering antibiotics (with a pump from the hospital) for the next 8 days, 3 times per day, at home (thankful we could get then training to do it at home, similar to last time).

Hopefully we're leaving tonight - when I say tonight it's probably going to be closer to tomorrow, the earliest we can leave will be 11:00, after another dose of antibiotics and a blood test.  We'll be glad to sleep in our own beds...

Two pictures from this week stand out to me - the first Wendi took in the ER and the second I took - his looks seem to tell the whole picture.

Thank you for your prayers this week!!!!


  1. Precious boy, sorry he's had a tough couple of days, but hope you all can rest well once home. What's amazing to me is I see such a resemblance to big brother Jack in the first pic - I have adopted siblings too and I think it's cool how God brings families together and provides those similarities even when genetics are different. :-)

  2. thanks for keeping us all posted...we are glad Cash is on his way home.
    Van Doughty

  3. Glad Cash is feeling better. We have him lifted up in prayer! Hugs to you all.

  4. Prayers from AZ.I'm visiting with Marcie this week. Leaving tomorrow after a fun filled week. But, thinking and praying for CASH and all your family.
    We love you all so much.
    Tia Margie