Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Not What They Thought It Was

At about 2:00 today I called Children's to see if they had results on the lumbar...I was getting impatient and really just wanted to know...

The words rang beautifully in my ears as Corrine read the report: "Negative for Malignant Cells" - I don't remember what she said after that and am so very thankful that for the time being the cancer hasn't spread to his spine - Thank you Jesus!

It's been a very difficult few days - not only has the chemo made Cash sick again, we were dreading having the puncture done and then having to wait for the news.  The news we just got definitely gives us the strength to fight on and help Cash get through the chemo-sickness.

Speaking of chemo, we were in the hospital on Saturday and Sunday for chemo round #4.  They were very long days as Cash isn't a 'baby' anymore, meaning he wants to crawl around and didn't like being confined and hooked up for two days.  Thankfully my parents and Wendi's parents spent a ton of time with us, taking shifts entertaining Cash.  We didn't leave the hospital until 10;30 on Sunday night but we're now 2/3 of the way done with chemo.

Tomorrow we have another long day at Children's for Cash to receive his first round of good stem cells.  We'll start at 8:00 and they'll hydrate him and pre-medicate him up in order to receive the cells (which only takes 10-15 minutes).  After the transfusion they keep him for another 4 hours to monitor and make sure he stays hydrated.

As difficult as this has been the past few days, God continues to give us the strength to endure - there were times this weekend that we struggled emotionally simply to keep going and there's so many unanswered questions, however, those moments are short-lived thankfully.

We are going to rejoice in this moment and thank God that Cash doesn't have cancer in his spine - uncertain of the future, Wendi and I will simply celebrate a small victory and keep taking it one day at a time.

Thank you for your prayers - I know some of you have taken Paul's words and are "praying without ceasing."


  1. WONDERFUL! I just left the house after dropping Jack off and had a lump in my throat the whole way home. This is good news.

  2. Thank you Jesus!!!! This victory must be so sweet for you guys and thank you for sharing it with all of us. Stay strong and His angels are all around guiding you and keeping watch. No evil shall encamp around you!

  3. Oh you guys, we are so happy to hear this great news! We have been thinking and praying for you constantly this past weekend knowing how hard the waiting is. We will continue to pray for strength for the both of you and complete healing for Cash!
    "but with God, all things are possible" Matthew 19:26.

  4. Praise God! May His spirit continue to strengthen and guide you.

  5. God is so good! I am rejoicing tonight with all of you!

  6. Oh my goodness! What great news!! We are praying without ceasing.. Love you all-

  7. I along with you am thanking God that this latest news is good news! I pray constantly that God will uphold each of you so you can merely put one foot in front of the next and keep moving on ~ and that Cash will not become too frustrated with his limited mobility, that he'll not become sick from the treatments and that God in His mercy will heal him. Blessings on each of you! Jan Kok

  8. That's terrific news!!!!! So blessed!
    God is listening to our prayers!!
    We love and pray for you all.
    Tia Margie and Uncle Manuel

  9. Love is with you guys. This is wonderful news and we pray, pray, pray...
    the Van Doughty group