Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another MRI

It has been a great week in Seattle (and the weather has been perfect) - this past weekend we were in Crescent Bar and the weather provided Cash with the ability to crawl around outside nearly all day.  Without being on chemo, he's under no added threat of infection so he played and played all weekend.  Wendi is pulling the pictures from the weekend and I will post them soon.

From a progress standpoint, Cash is doing well - he continues to try and stand and loves climbing the stairs.  The stairs are definitely the best exercise he can get when it comes to strength building.

Prior to starting the 4th round of chemo on Saturday, Cash has an MRI tomorrow.  While it's not expected that it will reveal any significant shrinkage (the radiation effects last for 2-3 months), we are desperately praying the tumor hasn't grown and spread to other parts of his brain and/or spine. 

Observing Cash closely the past few weeks, I truly believe he can be healed - that being said, we absolutely know that we are not in control of that decision and continue to lift Cash up in prayer to God.  Some days it seems like we spend the entire day (in our minds), silently petitioning the Lord for healing.  Most often my prayers continue to be prayers of thanksgiving, thanking God for the miracle that is Cash and celebrating each day/hour/moment we have with him.

We also continue to pray for all of the kids we've met with cancer - some are doing well and others not so well.  I keep praying that God grant us and these families peace, strength, patience, and understanding and would ask that you continue to pray for Cash and all those who are battling cancer.

Thank you for your support and prayers and have a blessed weekend!  We'll be in the hospital Saturday and Sunday for chemo but hope the weather sticks around so Cash can play outside next week...


  1. your strength amazes me! I can tell it comes from above. I will continue to pray for Cash and your family. I am so impressed by the Godly example you all set.

  2. Jack and Wendi,
    Thank you again for the updates on Cash and your family. I eagerly check the blog to find out the latest progress on Cash. Please know that we continue to ask God earnestly for healing and recovery. Also know that we pray for you, little Jack and Kingston. You have amazing courage and strength-only God can supply that in you. Love you all so much! Leanne

  3. This post brought tears to my eyes. So thankful that you had a great family week at Crescent Bar. Praying praying praying as Cash starts this round!
    Hanson Family

  4. I have cried and prayed a lot over you guys, and the reminder of how these prayers are constantly on your minds brought me to tears (again). So glad Cash is getting to enjoy some summer, and I also continue to pray for his complete healing. Thanks for the update, and I will be praying for good MRI results.
    Heidi Bleeker

  5. I am praying. Your strength and faith is inspiring and amazing. God is so proud of your family for your continued faith and trust in Him.