Monday, August 2, 2010

"Side!" at CB

At 11:30 on Friday Wendi and I decided to take the kids away for the weekend, this being the last weekend before another round of chemo.  I texted Uncle Randy (Jack Jr's bff) and the condo at Crescent Bar was free this weekend so by 12:30 we were on the road headed to Eastern Washington.  (Thank you Randy & Marti - it was a very welcome getaway!)

Cash absolutely loves Crescent Bar - the sun, grass, dipping his toes in the pool, crawling around and playing with Jack Jr - it was a great weekend.  I managed to take a few pics and a video of Cash poking Jack Jr (we didn't bother talking about inappropriate touch because he was laughing too hard...:-)):

Cash is now losing hair like it's nobody's business - he'll probably be bald within the next few days which isn't so bad as his head will look a bit more uniform (as opposed to the radiation spots as the only bald spots).  I keep writing this, but he is extraordinarily strong...This morning he threw up a little bit of his food and before I even had a chance to wipe off his mouth he was putting another piece of food in his mouth.  If that were me I wouldn't eat the rest of the day...He's also trying to stand up again, starting on his knees and getting up on all fours - he's weak but that doesn't stop him from trying.

On our drive back yesterday Jack Jr. made a comment about the 'big ball in the sky' - the sun was very unique yesterday and for those who don't live in Seattle I took a picture so you can see what Jack was looking at...

If all goes well this week we'll start the 5th round of chemo on Saturday.  We're hoping we can do it all outpatient so we can sleep at home.  Thank you for your prayers and support - I continually pray that God put a hedge of protection around Cash and we're thankful to Him for watching over and keeping Cash safe during this difficult season.


  1. You were blessed for a nice weekend at CB!!!
    Glad to see pictures of Cash laughing with his big brother!!!
    You're in my prayers!
    Tia Margie/Uncle Manuel

  2. The sun WAS unique the other day, wasn't it? It had such a strange orange hue--very eerie and cool. I love that Cash is so determined to just keep at it--eating despite the nausea, and training his sweet legs to stand again. He is a resilient and special boy, who reminds me so much of Russell. Lots of love to you all tonight, sarah xo