Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Sequence of Pictures

It's been a busy few days here in Houston.  Yesterday Cash had his proton therapy then we went to see his oncologist at the main MD hospital.  Thankfully he didn't didn't a transfusion and he only has proton therapy until June 14 or 15 so we're getting close to coming back to Seattle! 

One of my mom's good friends from Iowa flew in today and is staying with us through the 9th.  Jack and Cash have already taken to her, Leanne is a teacher and she's already started teaching Jack a lot of things - it's almost like pre-school at the condo.  We're very thankful she's here, now we have 4 adults for the 3 kids...

On Monday the Middlebrook's gave Jack and I tickets to the Astro's game and I had to share this sequence of pictures, they tell quite a story...

Here's Jack right when we arrive...he loves baseball and was excited to see a steam train in the stadium (it is on the left field wall and goes back and forth when a run is scored...

I then proceed to buy him popcorn, which you can tell he's excited about...

After eating most of the popcorn, we get a fritter of sorts - he called it 'strings with sugar on it'...

And about the 6th inning he crashed and slept on my lap until we left the game...:-)

Kingston also doing great - he's just over 2 weeks old and both of his older brothers are very gentle and sweet with him...they'll be that way until he starts taking their toys and then I'm sure they will have their bouts...:-)

Tomorrow morning I'm skyping in to Zion to talk with the students...It will be great to see them and share Cash's story and hopefully reveal to them God's sovereignty in the midst of trials.  We continue to be very thankful for this opportunity for Cash to be healed and ask that you continue to pray for him in his treatments.  Thank you as always for your prayers and support - we are encouraged with your kind words and encouraging thoughts!


  1. Oh Precious time together... Father~Son~Baseball ~ so glad you had that time together~~ Jan Kok

  2. Happy to see pictures of having FUN!!!! These are the better memories!!!
    Our prayers continue for CASH and your family!!
    We love you all.
    Tia Margie and Uncle Manuel