Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Zion Fundraiser and Assembly

I have often mentioned how thankful I am to Zion for allowing me the time off, really starting in February when Cash was first diagnosed.  The staff, students, and families have Zion have been amazing to our family.  Bro. Gordy sold dinners for multiple weeks leading up to raise money for Cash and Bro. Keith (a parent) took pictures of the students for Career Day as a fundraiser as well.  In total, they raised over $2,500 for Cash - what a tremendous blessing Zion has been to our family during this trial.

In addition, this past Thursday, they had an assembly for Cash.  I was able (thanks to Sis. Julie and Sis. Janae) to Skype in - we watched the assembly and then I gave a brief 'sermon' to the students.  The choir sang and then they released balloons with 'A Cash of Hope' into the skies - Dr. Jackson's hope is that once they land people would go to the website to learn more about Cash and pray.  It was a very special event and I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful community.  Bro. Keith took pictures and emailed them to me - here are a few of the wonderful students and staff:

Only 4 more treatments left for Cash down here in Houston - we'll be back next Wednesday and hope to start the last three rounds of chemo soon.  Thank you for your continued prayers!!!


  1. those balloons in the sky, brought tears to my eyes...I am so glad Cash is nearing the end of the Houston treatments...Yay! God is so good!

  2. how very, very sweet! LOving the fact that Cash is almost done with treatments:)