Monday, June 14, 2010

Graduation Day

The morning started out great with a victory for the Netherlands - the kids were all geared up thanks to Auntie Karen:

Graduation almost didn't happen today...This morning (8:00) as we were all getting into the car the Proton Center called and said the machines were down and we'd have to wait until it was up before heading over there.  Thankfully at around 10 it was running and by 10:30 Cash was in treatment.

It was definitely a great morning although we had to keep Cash from wanting to eat or drink until much later than usual.  Kent Postma stopped by to say goodbye and Carol Nelson joined us for the graduation.  In addition, we've made great friends with Doug and Misty, whose son Zack is three days behind Cash in treatment.  Doug and his family started driving down from Auburn the same day Jeremy, Cash, and I flew to Houston.  I know Jack and Cash will miss playing with Zack, they've had a lot of fun in spite of the circumstance.

The staff at MD showered Cash with gifts...As you'll see in the video he gets presents from the staff.  They were so wonderful - They treated him like they were their own and we're so thankful to God for putting them in the right place at the right time for Cash.  Please be in prayer for the Purdue family (one of the doctors), their mother, Mrs. Bobby Harris needs prayer for total healing and strength.

For a 720dpi video of the graduation please click here.

We are now busily preparing to head home.  Thanks to Carol, we have a ride at 4:30 in the morning on Wednesday in one of the Texans' vans - we have 3 adults and 3 children, 3 carseats, 6 suitcases, not to mention my guitar and everything else we brought down.

I also want to thank the folks at Impact Church (The Middlebrooks) - Jim D and his wife volunteered to come to our apartment when we leave and clean it all up and check out for us.  That is a tremendous burden lifted as we'll be very busy just packing and taking care of the kids.

I will also dedicate a full post to my mom when we return - she's spent nearly 5 weeks with us and has done all of the cooking, cleaning, buying groceries, and running errands - not to mention going to every appointment with us and taking excellent care of the kids.  We have been tremendously blessed to have her (and earlier this journey, Jeremy and my dad) spend so much time with us - I could not have done it without her.

Well another step in Cash's journey is almost completed...he still has three more rounds of chemo and we'll meet with Dr. Leary on June 21.  There is an MRI scheduled on July 2 and we'll start the first round on July 5 (hopefully).  We continue to pray that this tumor has been disrupted enough to stop growing and as always thank you for your prayers and support - we definitely couldn't do it without you!


  1. Congratulations on finishing this part of Cash's treatment!! We are so happy he did so well and didn't have any major side effects.
    Now we will be praying for great results on the next MRI!
    Have a safe trip home and we'll see you soon hopefully.
    The Brink's

  2. Yay Cash!!! We are so excited to see you all soon! We Love you~ Jeremy, Steph and Kids

  3. I am so happy for all of you, finished treatments, a new baby and back home as a family of five. I just love happy endings. Enjoy!

  4. We miss you guys already! Zack just hit the gong!! He hit it hard too. LOL! We are so proud of both he and Cash. We'll miss everyone terribly. Matricia, the nurse gave me the beautiful pic of Cash that you left for me. Of course, I got all teary eyed. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Doug has the CD's for LeAnn. We hope that she enjoys them. These kids mean so much to us. Thanks for trusting us with Cash. ((HUGS))