Monday, May 31, 2010

Benefit Details

Last week I posted a huge thank you to everyone for the benefit that was held on May 21 - but now I want to say thank you again as we've received the final details on the amount raised for Cash.  The tickets for the benefit completely sold out and Rose and her team upped the number of plates from 500 to 700 all in the last minute.  Over 650 people were in attendance and at one point online there were over 200 people watching the live feed.  In addition, many people received haircuts, or Cuts for Cash, and I know there were quite a few more people with shaved heads in the building that night...:-)

By the end of the night, with ticket sales, the auctions, flowers from Kim, and the dessert dash, the benefit raised over $55,000!  What an amazing testament to the support and generosity that has been shown, to be honest we are completely overwhelmed with thankfulness. So many people from the communities we live, have lived in, or know people in have joined together to help us fight.

The money will be used to help Cash continue to fight - we know that after treatment the battle is not over, Cash will need years of physical therapy, speech therapy, and unless his tumor completely goes away with the recent radiation treatments, he'll also need experimental treatments.  Many of the experimental treatments we are discussing are coming from the wonderful team of doctors here at MD Anderson and at Seattle Children's - they are working together to ensure Cash receives the absolute best.

We cannot thank you enough for your time, commitment, support, and prayers during our journey.  Even though Cash's tumor isn't by any means a 'blessing', God has seen to it that we are blessed and that He is glorious.  Thanks be to God for His goodness and please continue to pray with us for healing for Cash!


  1. this is so amazing!!! To God be the glory great things he has done!

  2. That is awesome, what a wonderful community you live in. Prayers for you and your family as you continue your journey. The Rocha Clan

  3. Praise God Jack for you and your family. Your children are absolutely beautiful. (Look just like Wendi :)

    Love you much!

  4. What a fabulous act of support by a wonderful community.
    Praying for: rest for you all, healing for Wendy, healing for Cash, prayers for the medical team that is treating Cash, and thanksgiving for your three handsome boys!