Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Amazing Gift

Last night Betty Douma called my mom and told her some amazing news about a gift that was given to Cash.  I was sleeping so they had to wait until the morning to break the news to me, although my mom told me she was tempted to wake me up (if we hadn't been averaging 4-5 hours per night thanks to Kingston I know she would have :-))...

It was announced last night at graduation that the Lynden Christian Class of 2010 has given their Class Gift to the Cash Parriera Benefit Fund - I emailed Don Kok (Superintendent) at LC this morning and asked him how we could possibly thank the Seniors for such a tremendous gift.  If I could I would write letters to all 98 students in the class of 2010 but I'll start by trying to thank them via this blog.

I spoke with Kim (Assistant Principal) this afternoon and she told me that many of the students were aware of Cash's diagnosis and keep up at school via the blog.  In addition, many of the students from the Jazz Band performed at Cash's benefit a few weeks ago and Kim told me the decision to use their gift for Cash was unanimous.

From the early diagnosis all the way through the treatment here at MD Anderson, we have continually been amazed at the spirit and generosity of people.  The students at LC in the Class of 2010 were born approximately the year I graduated from LC - I don't 'know' them per se, however, I 'know' of their spirit and it is amazing.  Thank you LC Grads for your generous gift, we will use it to continue to help Cash fight and your unity demonstrates your strength and trust in God.

Speaking of fighting, I google'd 'brain tumor' just on a whim today and came across a story about a new surgery technique that was used on a child with a brain stem tumor...I immediately called the hospital and am waiting to hear back from the head nurse.  The surgery took place in Belgium - apparently there are only a few people in the world who can use it and the equipment is there - If God leads us there to help Cash that's what we'll do.  It's all in His hands.  The link to the article is located here.

I pray you have a blessed weekend and thank you as always for your support and prayers - 1 more treatment to go and then we get to come home!

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  1. So interesting about the surgical procedure you found via google. You are such an amazing advocate for that little guy--always diligent to learn as much as you can. I pray that it will turn up something for him. Hugs to you all from Seattle! We love you and continually pray for you all. Love, Sarah Jio and the crew