Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Few More Pics

Jeremy left this morning (:-() - We will miss him but thankfully my mom and dad are on their way.  They are driving over 2400 miles from Lynden to Houston and should be here this afternoon.  It will be great to see them, I know they are looking forward to spending time with Cash.

A few days ago Jeremy and I went to the Bass Pro Shop here in Houston - it's an a amazing place with lots to see for Cash:

In addition, today I shot a short video of Cash after I read a Tigger book - he's fascinated with tigers lately...

Tomorrow we have a audiology appointment and then he starts radiation on Tuesday - keep praying for healing as radiation will definitely start killing tumor cells...


  1. I know your Mom and Dad should be arriving in a short while and I can just imagaine the excitment, love and joy all of you will share! How awesome family and friends can be and what a true gift from God.
    I continue to lift you all up in prayers. I pray for healing and now will add killing tumor cells to my prayers.

    friends in Christ-

  2. I'm so glad to read that your mom and dad are there!!!! What a long trip?!!
    God will help get you through this next trial!
    But, mom and dad will be the next BEST!!!
    We love you and pray for the proton therapy to be the miracle for CASH!!
    Love you,
    Tia Margie and Uncle Manuel

  3. Jack,
    We continue to pray daily for sweet Cash, you, Wendi, Jack Jr. and the littlest Parriera that could be here any day! :)
    Lately my prayers for Cash end in singing the song, "Our God"...
    Our God is greater
    Our God is stronger
    God, You are higher than any other
    Our God is healer
    Awesome in power, Our God, Our God
    And if our God is for us,
    Then who can ever stop us?
    And if our God is with us,
    Then what can stand against?

    I pray you and your family feels His presence, strength and comfort close to you this week...
    Kelly VanKooten
    p.s. my kids and I love watching the videos of Cash. we watch them over and over again... he has the sweetest laugh!

  4. Jack so happy to see you bouncing with your son -- so much joy in his laugh -- coming only from his joy that he brings you and Wendi. God is one time, on target and on task for Tuesday -- cancer cells be gone in the name of Jesus!!!

  5. Love hearing his giggle, it makes my heart & soul happy for you. Prayers, Stephana Neff Timmer