Wednesday, May 26, 2010

They Made It!

First of all I can't say thank you enough to Roger and Joann - Roger drove nearly 40 straight hours to get Wendi and Kingston here to Houston, resting only for a short 1 hour break and another 4 hour break last night.  They only stopped because of tornado warnings in Kansas.  Nine states in less than 2 days is amazing and God kept them safe.  I didn't get enough video of the arrival, although here's a small clip when they were almost here and when Wendi got a chance to kiss Cash.  The video is in HD so please click here to view it (@ youtube).

The rest of this blog is pictures, they tell a much better story than my words:  Here's Cash meeting Kingston for the first time:

And a picture of the reunited family in front of the motorhome:

Roger wouldn't let my dad out-do his tattoo so during the trip Joann 'tattooed' this on his arm:

Here's a great picture the travelers, including my mom who has already spent over 3 weeks with us in Houston:

Jack and Cash stayed up later than usual to wait for the caravan, so at approximately 9:15 they started getting ready to sleep:

And finally, after a brief meeting last week when I was there when Kingston was born, I am not officially on duty, everyone is asleep except for my mom and I - I have the night shift, except when Kingston is hungry of course.  Jack and Cash are with Wendi and Kingston is with me in the living room because I learned quickly that his cry would wake up both boys and then we'd have our hands even fuller than they already are:

What a blessing it is to be together as a family, Jack was great with Kingston when he met him, Cash more concerned about his mama than anything else.  We're so thankful to God for His many blessings and please pray that Roger and Joann have a safe drive back to Lynden.  They are resting for the night in Galveston and will take off again tomorrow morning.  They are amazing and I'm so thankful that they were able to bring Wendi and Kingston here.

Thank you for your support and prayers and a special thanks to Carl (@ Cargill), Roger and Joann for making our reuniting possible!!!


  1. Those pictures are priceless Jack! So glad your family's reunited now! Kara Van Loo Mitchell

  2. I'm saying an extra prayer of thankgiving tonight! So glad that the whole family is finally together. Praise God...

  3. ****beautiful****

    we love you- Jeremy, Steph, Isabella, Gunnar and Lyla

  4. Perfect! Now that I'm bawling. Thank you jack for sharing the reunion. Praise the Lord!!!!

  5. I'm not bawling, either!! Ha,Ha!!!
    Beautiful. Now, relax together and take care of the precious gifts from God!!
    Love you all,
    Tia Margie

  6. What a beautiful family! Such a blessing and gift for all of you to be together~you've been through so much...and being apart from each other couldn't have been easy. You look amazing Wendi. In the first two pics Cash is looking at Kingston like..."who is this dude that just showed up out of nowhere!" =) Blessings on each of you...Jan Kok