Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pictures, Video and a Benefit

Today was Cash's 5th radiation treatment - we're thankful to God that he's tolerated the treatments so well, he always wakes up and seems refreshed and excited.  He drinks a lot of milk and talks and talks and talks.  I know my parents are really enjoying their time with him and he will definitely miss them.  This morning they played with Cash and even though he was hungry and wanted his milk, you would not have known it...

We had our weekly appointment with the oncologist and Cash's counts are good so no transfusion this week. Three more radiation treatments left and we're done with week 2...

The team working on the benefit have been working very hard to prepare for the event on the 21st. I won't be there in person, however, we are working on a way for me to say hi via the internet. The number of donations has been incredible and Laura put together a piece on the benefit and the donations (see below).

Still no news on the baby to report - Wendi keeps walking and walking hoping the little one has decided it is time...

Finally after a great day today, here is Cash with new toys given to him by our friends the Middlebrooks - sitting on his car with his new friend the giraffe.  Thank you for continuing to pray and praise God for small blessings and good days!


  1. Hearing Cash laugh, and laugh is such a joy!!
    It brings tears to my eyes, but then, I'm Tia Margie and imotional!!! Love you all and I'm thrilled your dad and mom are able to be there for extra support and strength!! Continued prayers for CASH!! And, the family!!!

  2. Love that guy! He is so strong...hang in there guys!