Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pictures from the past week

Now that I can blog easily, here are a few pictures from the past two weeks...

Location:Birch Bay-Lynden Rd,Lynden,United States


  1. Once again, adorable pictures!!! Jack Jr. is so handsome! I can tell from pics and videos that he is the proud big brother and seems very protective and so sweet with his brothers. Cash has the cutest pouty lips I have ever seen! Such a sweet spirit that shows in his sweet little face. And Kingston is sooo adorable! He is growing so fast. And love the hair! You can tell they love each other very much :). Your pictures are always heartwarming. Thank you!

  2. God is Good - we experienced the same Peace from the same God when our son was in a near fatal motorcycle accident last April! The days in ICU, the weeks in the hospital, the endless surguries,the months of healing - all pretty much a blur - EXCEPT - the overwhelming sense of peace. Someone said that they were sure I was ready to forget 2010 and move on to 2011, but actually it is such a gift to walk through the darkest valleys with God and experience HIS grace, mercy and peace as such a level - something I will always treasure! Praying for all of you!