Saturday, January 15, 2011

Holding Strong

Cash seems to have slightly improved each day since Monday. He has been sleeping well and when he's awake he sits with us and reads books, watches his brother, and talks a bit. He's in great spirits and doesn't cry or complain about any pain.

We've had an amazing amount of support this week with visits, meals, grocery store runs, etc. Julie D even surprised us this morning with breakfast. For the most part, unless Cash is napping, he interacts with everyone and always says "bye bye" when they leave - every time he says it I get a tear in my eye (it's adorable).

He's hanging in there and continues to fight - I reinstalled a blog app on my phone so I can blog more frequently as time allows. Thank you for your cards, prayers, and comforting words - we appreciate it!!!


  1. So good to read this post! I'm happy to hear he is comfortable and that you are surrounded with love and support up there! Love you guys! Praying and thinking of you constantly. Love, Sarah, Jason, Carson + Russ

  2. What a sweetheart Cash is! I'm so happy to hear he has improved. I am praying that God will continue to lay His comforting hands upon him and all of you. I am praying for God's will for Cash. His sweet life is serving such a great purpose! Such a little soldier:). He is definitely a part of God's great plan!

  3. Jack -- was so great to see you today. What an amazing family you have from your parents to your children. Your little boy is so sweet and you and Wendi are such amazing parents. I thank God for you and for allowing us to share your journey. Love you all so very much. Michael, KathLene and RoxAnn. Hope to see you again soon.