Monday, October 4, 2010

Tons of Pics from the Run

The pictures have been flooding in from all of the wonderful photographers on our A Cash of Hope team - these pics are courtesy Jodi VS (part of the Snapsisters team).  What a wonderful day!!!

Relaxing in the hot tub...

I will keep posting pics as they come in - thank you to everyone who has sent them in - Today Cash had another great day, in fact, Wendi took the most amazing pictures of him today playing in the backyard...I had to share them:

Thank you for continuing to pray for our little Miracle - God is good and continues to be with us each and every moment of each day!


  1. BEAUTIFUL Jack!!! All my thoughts and prayers!!
    Love from the entire California klan!

  2. Happy Birthday dear Cash!!
    the VanKootens :)