Saturday, October 30, 2010

Great Weekend and Prayer Request

We continue to be thankful to God for how Cash is doing - he has had another great week and he's talking more and more each day.  Below is a very short video of his latest phrase - last post I wrote that he says 'I do!' when anyone asks if he wants something (in fact you can just say, 'Who wants it?' and he'll say 'I do!' - 'It' can be nothing he just likes to say it)...

Please pray for the MRI on Monday - I'd like to say we've become pros at the follow-up meeting to review the results, but we still approach it with a great deal of anxiety. We know God is in control and trust that He has Cash in His hands and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't pray for a hedge of protection around Cash.

Finally, for those not on Facebook, I posted a picture of a pumpkin I carved this week - it's a replica of my tattoo. I'm now trying to find someone who can make me a belt buckle with 'A Cash of Hope' (if you know of someone please let me know).

Have a blessed Sunday and thank you for your prayers and support!!!


  1. this is ADORABLE! I love his sweet voice...oh my. I will be thinking and uplifting you all this monday and will ask for our prayer chain tomorrow at church to be in prayer too.

    My friendship,

  2. We'll be at Children's tomorrow as well for Madeleine's surgery. I'm not sure what time your appointment is, but Wendi has my phone number if you need someone to talk to while he's in the MRI. We'll have 3-4ish hours while she's in surgery.

    Lots of good thoughts for him that everything goes well!!