Friday, October 1, 2010

Look for Diego

Well we are two days away from the Seattle Run of Hope!  Everyone I've talked to is very excited and we can't wait to see all 127 of you!  We've been brainstorming about a meeting place and with over 1000 walkers/runners it will be difficult to identify a particular place to meet at Seward Park.  So today I purchased three balloons - a large Diego, a blue star balloon, and a silver star balloon.  The Diego balloon looks like this:

We will attach the balloons to Cash's stroller and fly them 8-10 feet above the stroller.  Hopefully other teams don't have the same idea so when you arrive at Seward Park look for the balloons you will find us.  Please email me at or message me on Facebook ( and I'll send you my cell phone number.

Tomorrow we'll be heading to Zion to set up for the luncheon - please join us after the walk, we'll have plenty of food and it will be great to see everyone to personally tell you Thank You!

This has been a very good week for Cash - he's eating again and is as independent as ever, playing around the house all day.  Despite the fact that his sleeping habits are horrible (his average wake up time in the a.m. is between 3 and 5) he still manages to keep going all day.

If we miss you at the walk for some reason, head over to Zion (4730 32nd Ave. S., 98118) so we can visit - it's also Cash's 2nd birthday (on the 5th) so we'll sing Happy Birthday to him as well.

We feel incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends and family and cannot thank you enough for your prayers and support - God continues to be with Cash and each day it seems he is getting stronger and stronger.  We are so thankful to Him for the time we have with Cash and will be excited for everyone to visit with us on Sunday.

The times/details for the walk are in the prior post if you want to double-check.  See you in a few days!!!

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