Monday, August 23, 2010


It's been a relatively quiet weekend - the weather hasn't allowed Cash to play outside as much as he'd like, however, we are finding ways to entertain him inside.  Cash did need platelets on Friday (the second time last week) and that seemed to give him the energy he needed to have a good weekend.

Yesterday morning Cash woke up and entertained himself not with the toys I bought him, but with the box (that figures)...Here's a video of him figuring out how to get inside the box - it was pretty funny.

Here's are two pictures of Cash I took yesterday playing my guitar - he loves playing it much more than he does listening to me play it...

Jack Jr. has been amazing during Cash's illness - he keeps both kids busy with his energy and can make both kids laugh with his craziness and they love trying to copy him...

This week looks pretty quiet so far - next Monday we have the next big MRI and then Cash will start chemo over the long weekend - then we're done with all 6 rounds of chemo!  We're excited to be 'done' with this part of treatment and are hoping and praying that the tumor will be held at bay.  In saying that, we don't look too far ahead and are living one day at time - God has been good to us and blessed us tremendously and we trust that He knows what the future holds for Cash and we take tremendous comfort in that.

Have a great week and thank you for your prayers!!!  Keep praying!


  1. Those pictures & that video are priceless...what cute kids!! Enjoy!!

  2. Love the video--brings back memories! My grandfather always told my parents when we were little---"Just give them a box--they like that better than toys anyway!"
    Love and hugs to you all!

  3. Cash has a great sense of humor-that's for sure! LOve those guys...hugs!

  4. Still believing for healing for you and your family Jack -- love you guys much.