Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 1 &2 of Round 5 In the Books

Yesterday morning Wendi and Hana took Cash in at 8:00 a.m. for a meeting with the doctor and the start of the 5th round...We were able to convince them to do all outpatient this round, as long as we assured them we'd take care of the things that are usually done by the nurses inpatient.  This includes dressing changes, frequent diaper changes, bathing, etc...

Hana volunteered to spend most of the week with us again which is great - We weren't sure she'd want to stay with us after last week, she definitely got a glimpse of caring for Cash, babysitting Kingston and playing with Jack.  I think she realized it was a lot of work but we're so thankful that she is really acting as the "hands and feet of Jesus" right now and she's really helping out.

The day went by pretty slow and we were finally cut loose at 7:00 p.m.  Cash was in great spirits all day and we took some great pictures and video of him in action:

Saturday Update:
Today we started again at 8:00 and were pleasantly surprised when they told us they could give the 4 hours of fluids at the same time as chemo...Why they didn't do that yesterday is still a mystery - but we were home by 1:00.  Good to be home earlier than planned and we actually have a Saturday.

On Monday we'll return for 4 or so more hours so they can give him back his stem cells and then we're down to one more chemo session, 3 weeks from now.

We're continually thankful for those who are helping us out so much - Today Auntie Dee drove Jack Jr. from Lynden all the way to Seattle to drop him off and at the same time, Julie was here deep cleaning the house so this week when Cash's counts drop there'll be less 'germs' to worry about.  (Thank you!!!)

Have a blessed weekend and thank you for your prayers!

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