Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Prayer in the Midst

This past weekend was very low-key.  We anticipated Cash's counts (ANC's) to drop and did not want to expose him to anything that could make him sick.  Yesterday, Wendi took him in for a blood draw and as it's been the last two rounds, he needed blood and platelets again.

About a month ago (2 infusions ago) we took Cash in and he spiked a fever which kept us in the hospital for 3 days...Yesterday just after platelets, he started to throw up and started getting a fever (again).  We managed to get him to sleep and I prayed and prayed while he slept and his fever rose to about 100.0 but then dropped back to normal within a few hours.  Cash and I left the hospital at 7:30 and couldn't leave fast enough.  We knew he was fighting something but God answered our prayers right on the spot.  His ANC's are still at zero but hopefully they rise within the next day.

Here are two pics I took of him, one in the hospital trying to pass the time and the other when we came home...he immediately started playing with Jack and the rest of the evening went very well.

I also wanted to post a video of Jack reading Cash a book this weekend.  It's a bit hard to hear him because of the fans running in the house, but it's still amazing - Jack obviously can't read but he can sure tell a story...

We are praying for a calm rest-of-the-week and that God continues to protect Cash and that the tumor keeps shrinking.  Thank you for your prayers!


  1. Jack and Wendi, I will keep you and Cash uplifted in prayer. That our God protects him... I pray the fever stays down and that you have a relaxing week.
    In Him,

  2. Still praying - God hears the prayers of a praying parent!! What a blessing we can rest in the hand of our own Father!!