Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It's been quite a while since I've blogged - there is such a large gap in our family without Cash that some days it still doesn't seem real.  We learned quickly after Cash was diagnosed to take it one day at a time and that still holds very true.  We are often asked how we are doing and my answer is always the same, God is continuing to keep us close to Him and give us the strength we need.

The past few months have brought so many changes - moving, new job, Cash's homegoing - there is a lot to adjust to.  That being said, we are thankful to God for taking Cash's diagnosis to bring us up to Lynden, the love and support we feel has been amazing.  Cash changed our lives in a big way...:-)

Wendi pulled out her camera this past weekend and took a few pictures of the boys - it's the first 'photoshoot' without Cash and it's fitting that Jack Jr is so serious.  Cash loved it when I played the guitar and I hope that Jack will pick up Cash's love of the guitar.  I think if he could play he'd play a great blues song...

We continue to receive cards, letters, and uplifting comments - Wendi and I are thankful for texts that I get nearly every day - just short check-ins to see how we are doing and scripture to remind us that God loves us.  God does love us and while we miss Cash we know he's cancer-free and in the arms of Jesus and that is a beautiful and wonderful gift.


  1. You both are the strongest people I have ever met. I think about you guys every day. Love you guys, Your Cuz, KP.

  2. Beautiful pictures......we pray for you guys every day especially my 7yr old daughter, Rylee. She prays every night that Cash is having fun in Heaven with God!!

  3. Amen Jack -- very well said. Love the pictures of Jack Jr. -- your boys are blessed to have you guys. We keep Cash's memorial card in our car - keep you guys close to our heart. Love you guys much! Michael, Kat and RoxAnn

  4. Beautiful pictures! This first photoshoot without Cash must have been bittersweet. Prayers for continued strength for each day,
    trish anker

  5. Great pictures. I love how they turned out. We had a great time hanging out and will have to do it again soon.

  6. Beautiful pictures!!! The "Blues" for sure!!!
    Love you all and continue praying for you and the entire family!!
    Love you,
    Tia Margie and Uncle Manuel

  7. Beautiful pictures! Continuing to uplift your family in prayer! Sending hugs to you guys!
    Love, Krista O'Byrne & family

  8. Thinking of Cash :). Keeping you all in my prayers!

  9. The pictures are beautiful & speak! Cash has and continues to touch our hearts. He left behind a STRONG message to us all. It's such an adjustment without him here on earth...but your right, "Cash changed our lives in a BIG WAY" and that will never leave us. I love that little man! Btw, I think Jr really could be a TRUE "Jackson Blues Artist"! Love you guys