Saturday, February 5, 2011

Memorial Reflections/Downloads

The service on Thursday was a wonderful tribute to Cash.  It celebrated his life and at the same time pointed everything in the direction of our Father.  In our drive from the cemetery to the church, we both commented that we felt a tremendous peace.  I wasn't sure what I would feel after leaving the cemetery and was very thankful to God that we felt His peace.  We received so many cards, flowers, hugs, and words of encouragement it was amazing.  We are very blessed to have such a great family and network of friends.

Even though we have peace, there is a large hole in our family with Cash not being here. We miss him constantly and everything in our house reminds us of his beautiful life.  We ask Jack Jr. every morning what Cash is doing today in heaven and the responses have made us laugh and cry.  The past few days, according to Jack Jr.,  Cash has been salmon fishing, crabbing, shrimping, and surfing (he's been very busy). 

For those who were unable to attend the service, you can view the program that was made (thank you again Laura!) by clicking here (pdf file).  In addition, was able to upload the audio of the memorial service - you can listen to the entire service, sermon, and messages from Bro. Doug and Shauna Senti by clicking here.  Finally, Pastor's Robert's Prayer of Thanksgiving in honor of Cash's life is locate here.

As the days and weeks go by I will continue to blog - God continues to teach us so much about His purpose for our lives.  We continue to be thankful for your prayers - God is good and He received the glory on Thursday and we will continue to thank Him and give Him the praise, even though this has been a challenging season.  Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Jack and Wendi ~ the Memorial for Cash was beautiful and a tribute not only to Cash but to your devotion and faithfulness to Christ. You are His faithful servants in who He is well pleased. You have handled this past year with God's amazing grace and have been a blessing to so many around you. We are continuing to pray daily that God will wrap you in His arms and His peace will be ever-flowing.
    With love and prayers,

  2. Cash has been so busy in heaven. We just got back from visiting my sis Natasha in CA. Their little guy, Case, went home to heaven a year ago. We too talk about what he may be doing in heaven. I think talking openly with children about this is so important. I am so sorry for your loss. There must be a huge void in your days without that sweet guy. I will pray for peace and comfort.

  3. Thank you Jack for posting this -- the service was wonderful and you and Wendi are great parents -- fabulous Mother and Father. All I can think of is well done good and faithful servant at being a parent and showing all of us. I have your program on my fridge and in my car to remind me that life is a blessing and each and every day is a gift. Love you guys much -- Michael, Kat and RoxAnn.

  4. Just came to you blog from the picture on Pioneer Woman. You are an inspiration and I hope God blesses you all with wonderful things in your life.